Rocky Mountain has been killing it lately with an amazing line of bikes, along with a host of creative and inspiring videos of their team pushing said bikes to their limits. The video of Wade Simmons and Thomas Vanderham out for a “little XC ride” aboard the carbon Element MSL – a 120mm XC full suspension rig, is making the rounds again. Oh, and they’re riding on the famous North Shore, a spot typically ruled by longer travel bikes.

While Simmons and Vanderham clearly have more natural abilities than most riders, as the video states, it sure is fun to watch them rip such big trails on such small bikes. Interesting that this should resurface just after an excellent article by Mike Levy discussing the merits of shorter travel bikes – a coincidence?



  1. XC bikes are super fun. I never appreciated them until I got one last spring. Expensive and lack of durability are the problems. I would take a 25 pound 26″ 4″ bike if it could take a (deleted) beating and had a THREADED BOTTOM BRACKET

  2. “…interesting that this would resurface….”

    It didn’t resurface. You dug it up. There’s no synchronicity with Levy’s click-farming essay.

    People who actually are bike riders, rather than feitshists who use bicycles for consumer/status display, they know that smaller bikes are more capable.

    Fetishists only want whatever is trending as “hot right now.”

    Keep up the fetish, BikeRumor!

  3. The exit door for panty knotted whiners is on the right. As we’ve all known for a long time, nothing of any real value comes out of a pez dispenser.

    I wish someone would explain why it’s so important where this was seen first. The article did say this video was making the rounds again. The internet is a big place it’s easy to miss something like this.

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