What is this? Well, it’s not quite as cool as the wheelie-bar or the bicycle exhaust system, but if you’re a horse lover, this is full of win. This wooden device sits on your front wheel and makes clippity clopity noises as you cruise.

Mountain bikers. This is perfect for all those trails you couldn’t poach before because of “horse people!”

Head past the break to do Monty Python proud.

Only £19.99 + shipping. Happy holiday shopping!

Via Trotify


  1. hmm…. needs a little work to sound like a horse trotting. Sounds more like a train clacking down the tracks. neat idea, nonetheless.

  2. Useless but awesome. Anything inspired by Monty Python deserves some attentions, this one is a work of clear brilliance! Not posh enough to own a horse Trotify! (It’s what King Arthur did after all)

  3. David’s comment wins!! This could be our first step to trail access. We just need to figure out how to make the bike sh!t all over the place and we might break into the designated National WIlderness Lands!!!

    btw…what a cool little gadget! If I had money to burn I would get one in a heartbeat! Klunker/cruiser worthy material right here!

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