Thirty two isn’t exactly old, but it’s just old enough to have a wife or husband, kids, a mortgage, and a full time job. That’s a lot of responsibilities, yet this rider still finds the time to get out there and hone his skills. There’s nothing better than stomping that trick or new line you’ve been working on for months.

Replace trials with whatever it is that makes you happy….just use some eye protection when you’re using an angle grinder.

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This is more of a mini-documentary than a “shred-dit” but we couldn’t pass up fat bike shredding.

Wakeboard BMX Barspins? Tis possible.


  1. Yeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhh Zoo Pitbull! I have fond memories of destroying myself on trials bikes. It’s a different, more precise way of destroying yourself compared to street BMX.

  2. WV Cycling: Pinched tubes are very common in trials, 20 psi or less and hitting the rim when landing a gap kill them. Dented rims are a fact of life

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