2013 Factor Vis Vires road bike preview teaser imageFactor has just released this teaser image, confirming development and the name of their forthcoming “normal” road bike, the Vis Vires.

Inspired by the Latin word for ‘force’ or ‘power’, the bike looks like they’ve taken some of the aero and ride feel lessons learned from their totally trick BF01 and Aston Martin concept bikes.

“We feel the Vis Vires captures the essence of everything we’re doing at Factor,” says John Bailey, managing director, “Most obviously, since the top level bike will come with our own proprietary force measurement cranks; force and power fit perfectly. We also feel like our unique approach to design and integration will inspire the cycling industry.”

The official launch will come in Spring 2013, and teaser shots and details should pop up on their Facebook page and Twitter stream leading up to it. They may even have a few contests…perhaps giving away a frame?


What do you think?