sportcrafters progressive resistance bicycle rollers trainer

SportCrafters has launched an innovative roller drum that uses speed to deliver a progressive power profile without the use of external devices like flywheels, fluid units or fan based resistance units.

This integration allows SportCrafters to deliver progressive resistance without the possibility of fluid leakage from an external unit and cuts down on the noise level, perfect for people in apartments or town homes where noise could be an issue. The drum can also be reversed to turn off the resistance, perfect  for the days when you just want to spin the legs out. Best of all the drum can be purchased separately and be used on certain models of trainers from other companies (check the SportCrafters website for an updated list).

Why use rollers? Nothing else on the market allows you to work on balance during the winter like rollers. Now with this integration you can work on power along with balance during the winter months. Now if we could only figure out how to play Call of Duty without crashing off the rollers during the long rides they would be the perfect training piece of equipment. We have a set in for review and will post more after we recover from last nights roller session.

Should be interesting. Full PR and internal cutaway pic below…

sportcrafters progressive resistance bicycle rollers trainer


SportCrafters announces its new integrated progressive resistance system that provides a non-linear power profile that provides realistic power versus speed.

The new patent-pending roller drum uses magnets in a uniquely dynamic application. All heat produced is quickly and effectively dissipated through the large spinning surface of the roller drum so the drum never gets hot. There is no friction, no fluid, no fans, no noise, nothing to wear out, and the entire device adds less than a pound to the weight of a roller. It’s all inside the roller drum, so it is inherently robust with no add-ons.

No calibration or adjustment is required by the user, and there is no maintenance. The user can also reverse the drum in the roller and turn off the progressive resistance feature, allowing an easier spin at high RPM’s.

The progressive resistance roller drum can be installed on any SportCrafters, CycleOps bi-fold, and older Nashbar bi-fold rollers made by SportCrafters. It is available now at approved retailers listed on

For more information, contact Pete Colan or Pat Kulwicki at SportCrafters Inc. in Granger at (574) 243-4994 or use the Contact Us section in


  1. As someone who has the old “cycleops” magnetic resistance bar… I find this very intriguing. Because that resistance bar is hardly any better than the rollers by themselves!

  2. @rob where would the 4th roller go? The front wheel cant be cradled like the back, as when you turn theres a chance the wheel could drop through the two rollers.

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