It’s not the 360º Red Bull cam, but for most mortals, the Spectacam could be the next best thing.

Designed with front and rear facing video cameras, it’ll capture your adventures from two perspectives cheaper and lighter than mounting up two separate cameras. For commuters, it could be all the proof you need to nab those a-hole drivers that view cyclists as somehow being unworthy of life, liberty and the pursuit.

The Spectacam is the brainchild of Olympian and Malaysian national track cyclist Josiah Ng. Beyond the double video capture, it has a couple other neat features. The first is the independently adjustable lens angles, so you can point them in the right direction in, um, both directions. It’s also light, at around 60g claimed, and will come with versatile mounts for various helmets and other sports equipment. Lastly, it’ll have WiFi and Bluetooth capability and will connect with a smartphone app that will let you control the camera’s functions and view live footage. Pics and more after the break…


Backers of the Kickstarter project can nab a camera for as little as $199 plus shipping. Final retail is set at $349, and units should be available in May 2013 if things stay on schedule.



  1. neat idea! I’ve been seriously toying with the idea of picking up a GoPro just to mount off the seat post and hopefully catch whoever hits me should I get nailed from behind on my commute….not to be grim or anything haha.

  2. I have been running a rearward facing Contour Plus for over a year now, with good results. However, there have been a few cases where it was not enough.. A driver intentionally buzzed me, getting VERY close, and followed up with a single digit gesture as he passed. Without evidence of that gesture, it was too easy to claim ‘he didn’t SEE me’.. This combination view is better than running two separate cameras, because the forward and aft views are kept in sync. Good idea!

  3. Whoa, is there a smart phone app that will operate my anodized front brake on my fixie conversion? I’m all over it. I hope I can link it with the grain stress based power meter in the non-drive side of my 80’s Campy BMX cranks so the phone knows when I’m about to lock it up, applies the brake and the camera gets some sweet face plant footage.

  4. Very neat tech..and unfortunately needed. Bikers have no protection and seemingly must rely on post-mortum.

    People do not realize how the mere absence of 3 feet of space alongside every road has placed bicycles in direct competition with cars. cyclists are not asking for anything more than their own space.

    Lets keep pressure on all road development agencies to include this 3 ft investment in human lives.

  5. Mrfixie’s comment above is right on. All of us would benefit from being able to have the camera on top of our helmets so that we can turn and face the direction of the driver, thus recording a lot of useful info after we get run off the road. I like my GoPro, but I really like the Spectacan design a lot better.

  6. Please, please, please… does anybody know the status of this project? I’ve been trying to contact them through their website…and everything goes into a black hole. Is there any chance that this is still going to happen? Please somebody give me some good news.

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