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WIT Industries has been producing a folding bike fender for a while now.  Recently, they just released their newest iteration dubbed the Fendor Bendor 3.  It employs an ingenious folding design that allows it to fit pretty much any bike, as long as it doesn’t have a mono-stay.  It even fits aero tubing shapes, and has cutouts allowing you to customize it to your frame size, and brake position.  This is a great solution for anyone who doesn’t need a permanent fender, as it can be easily removed, folded, and stowed in your bag.  Cost is very reasonable at €14.95 plus €3 shipping world wide (roughly $23 USD shipped).

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Press Release:


Olaf Wit of WIT Industries has developed an improved lightweight foldable fender for road bikes, fixed gear, cyclo cross and mountainbikes: the Fendor-Bendor 3.
This fender folds up flat for easy transport and if it rains, can be unfolded and slid through the bikes seat stays and wrapped around the seat tube providing the cyclist with a fender in a matter of seconds. When the rain stops it can easily be refolded and put in a bike jersey’s back pocket or bag, waiting for more rain.

“For all cyclists who don’t want a permanent fender on their bicycle, but sometimes could really use one this is an ideal solution.” says industrial design engineer Olaf Wit.


Wit has come up with the very first version of the folding fender in January 2011, and his since seen a whole new category come up of foldable mudguards made of the same material, with about 4 direct competitors who offer similar products. “We were the first, and the competition is exciting. We believe that with the new version, we offer the best solution on the market.” says Wit, as he continues to describe the advantages of the latest fender:

– It’s more universal: it fits almost all rear brakes, and many more frame types than version 2.0 due to a new velcro closure (for example: it will even fit very well on aero tubes now).

– It folds into an even more compact size (9,5 x 21 cm) – so it fits into a cycling jersey’s back pocket.

– It’s stiffer because of the use of a slightly thicker plastic.

– Installation and removal are very easy and fast – a matter of seconds

The principle of the construction has remained equal to version 2: The polypropylene fender gets its shape and stiffness by pre-folding along the dye-cut pattern running along the length of the fender.

The Fendor-Bendor 3 is, just as its predecessors, designed and produced in The Netherlands. The plastic used is 100% recycled and recyclable.

“Keep your bike light and naked, without any ugly add-ons – and don’t worry about rain, the Fendor-Bendor 3 is there when you need it.” says Wit. Get your Fendor-Bendor 3 via www.witindustries.nl or one of the resellers.


  1. You nailed it vectorbug. I don’t see what everyone’s hang up is about putting a full fender set on a bike. There are a lot of companies making full fenders that will adapt to all types of frames. They do not take a long time to mount and unmount if you really want to take them off for a sunny day. I would not waste my money on this disposable item.

  2. Nice until you’re riding in the rain and a stranger decides to pass and share their rooster tail.

    Oh, I know how full fenders would ruin the look of your bike… unlike, say, riding in the rain.

  3. There’s a market for things even if you don’t want it. I have a fully fendered cross bike as my commuter but this would be great to toss in my bag if I’m on another bike. Bike polo and fenders are a terrible mix. It would be cool to have a fender in my bag I can mount if it starts to rain while I’m out.

  4. Good point Chris. If you are on a polo bike and it starts to rain that fender would be nice to have. However, a partial coverage rear fender does little too keep you dry. there are clip on fender sets that you could easily remove and set to the side while you play polo and then put back on for the ride home.

  5. I’m just saying most of the time I don’t need/want to have a fender on my bike. At polo I’m prone to forgetting stuff on the bench anyway. If I had something like this in my bag I could throw it on any bike I happen to be riding (road, polo, track) that I don’t have full fenders. I get that it doesn’t work as well as a clip-on fender. I’ve used those as well but it would be helpful for those short summer showers or early morning damp road rides.

  6. I get it Chris. If you buy this please let us know how it works for you. I would be interested to hear how long it lasts and how well it works. Ride On!

  7. Great product,

    My normal full fenders from SKS were always ruined after a winter season of bike messenger work. Set your bike against a brick wall in a bike storage and they brake or wear out quick. The Fendor Bendor i always carry in my backpack and is there when i need. It covers you back way more then a ass saver and you can fold it more then 10.000 times (that is a lifetime of folding)
    I really enjoy this product, works great, reliable and is been in use for more then 1 season

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