It’s Monday and it’s back to the grind again….. At least for the next three days before Thanksgiving . So take a break, be thankful you aren’t any of these guys, and enjoy their suffering since you can’t be out riding.

This first video took place at the SF Bike Expo a few weekends back. Here’s what Cam McCaul had to say:

“This was a bad crash.. I don’t remember everything because I hit my head a bit but luckily I had my helmet-cam rolling to refresh my memory. Somehow I was lucky enough to escape this without any injuries and I was back riding in about 45 minutes when my head cleared. Lucky for sure!”

Clint McMahon’s brutal front flip fail. At least those resin ramps are somewhat forgiving.

This stepdown jumps sets you up for one of the more famous step ups in Santa Cruz. It’s a place featured in countless videos (like Seasons. Skip ahead ~3 minutes) and an excellent jump to practice landing new tricks – if you can make it to the kicker.

What do you think?