Sometimes its more about the finding something truly unique than having the latest lightweight technogadget. For those times, here are two fine goods that would seem quite at home among the stories in J.Peterman catalogs (yes, they’re a real thing).

Above, the Patebury Kangaroo Leather Pedal Straps are sourced and made in Australia. Two versions are available, one for track and one for road, both constructed with natural kangaroo leather bottoms to prevent scuffs on your shoes. The upper layer is one of two different types of kangaroo leather, and sandwiched in between is a polyamide later to prevent stretching. If you prefer a more traditional metal toe cage, they also offer thinner kangaroo leather straps for those.

Lest you think they’re just pretty pieces, Patebury hand hammers solid copper rivets around the buckles and chamfers the upper and lower edges of the leather to ease foot entry. Solid stainless steel buckles fit into 12 sizing holes. Weight is 75g per strap. Each pair is made to order and retails for $125.00.


Freemans Sporting Club produced this limited edition Dewars Travel Roll that, conveniently, fits a bottle of Dewars Whiskey and a few other small travel accessories or toiletries.

They’re handmade in NYC with tartan fabric lined 18oz waxed canvas and trimmed with geniune English bridle leather. Each one comes with a custom steel Dewars flask but, sadly, no actual Dewars. Retail is $150.

What do you think?