Pipedream Skookum Reynolds 853 steel hardtail 29er mountain bike

Earlier this year, Pipedream introduced a 100-piece limited edition hardtail made from Reynolds 951 stainless steel.

The response must’ve been good, but put something similar at a better price point and you’re likely able to sell more. For that, they’ve introduced the Reynolds 853 steel Skookum 29er hardtail. It uses Reynolds DZB with thicker tube walls at the ends for stronger weld joints. At the rear, there’s a coupling so you can run it with a belt drive, and it comes with geared and singlespeed sliding dropouts, giving you a range of setup options and the ability to fine tune your chainstay/wheelbase length.

The seat tube is designed around a 30.9 seatpost, opening the door for dropper posts use, though it’s designed for a maximum 12omm fork. Technically, the geometry’s dialed for 80-100mm forks, but they claim the oversized downtube and DZB tubing let it handle a slightly longer fork. Cable stops are hidden under the downtube so those running it single speed won’t have to see unused, unloved bits while riding.

There’s also a prototype long-travel freeride hardtail called the Moxie in the works. Pics of that and more after the break…

This Skookum joins the titanium model they’ve had in their lineup for a bit:

The Pipedream Moxie was a shown on a lark at Cycleshow, just something they built up for personal play time, but the crowd response has forced them to consider production. At present, they’re figuring out the proper tubing to make it work for the type of riding a 160mm fork lends itself to. Current working geometry is:

Head Tube Angle: 65.75 deg
Seat Tube Angle: 67.75deg
Fork Axle-Crown: 545 mm (static/unsagged)
Top Tube Length (effective): 595 mm
Wheelbase: 1088mm
Chainstay Length: 413 (+16mm, slider)
Seatpost: 30.9mm
Seat Tube Collar: 34.9mm

Check ’em out at pipedreamcycles.com for pricing and order info.


  1. Had to check their website for the Skookum geo numbers. 450+mm chainstays, 71 HA, 73 ST. I’m assuming the 450+ means that 450 is with the dropouts slammed forward. Wish they were a tad shorter.

    Sexy frame though, especially the seat stays and headtube.

  2. I find it interesting that a small UK company named a bike using a Native American word from the PNW.
    (Also, Ti-Cycles has a frame called the Skookum for about 10 years)

    Aside from that it’s a nice looking hardtail. Would like to see full-length housing guides though.

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