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Budnitz is now offering a painted titanium version of their #2, called the “#2 Paratrooper Edition” which they say was inspired by WWII Swedish Parachute Infantry Bicycles. They’re also offering a sweet looking titanium anti-theft bolt kit.

See more pics and the bolt kit after the break…

Budnitz_Number2_WWII_ Paratrooper_Edition_HeadTube

The Budnitz #2, in the unpainted brushed titanium finish, has been around for a while now. It’s their 69er city bike on 2.35 Schwalbe slick tires with an internally geared hub, Chris King titanium headset, Paul levers, White Industry hubs, Velocity rims, and a Gates Center Track Belt Drive system. I can’t argue with any of that. The price you pay to have this nicely painted version is an additional $400.00 over the normal #2 Titanium. Knowing how difficult it can be to prep and paint titanium, I think the $400 increase isn’t a bad deal for the three-layer paint you’re getting.


Also, Budnitz has added Atomic22’s new anti-theft bolt kit to the list of fancy titanium bike paraphernalia rolling off their website. Pictured is the quick release version, but they do offer a bolt-on kit for internally geared hubs and single speeds.


The Atomic 22 Bike Security System looks like a simple solution to a growing problem. These bolts look like they could be utilized on other bikes. And, they’re titanium, naturally.


  1. Expensive, certainly – but still cheaper than replacing any of those components.
    I’ve been waiting for someone make something like this.

    Is each one unique, or is there a universal wrench?

  2. where is the video of someone leaning it up beside a coffee shop and the hipster stealing it for a few minutes to do whip-skids it ?

  3. It’s beautiful, but who the f*ck is spending $6k on a townie? Do people really buy these bikes or are they more for the builder to take to shows? I have the means to buy expensive bikes, and I have friends who have the means, but I can’t imagine myself or any of my friends buying a bike like this that we would be locking up outside coffee shops, grocery stores, etc.

  4. burt – I agree. I ride two custom Ti bikes. No way I’d ever buy this guy’s stuff. Unoriginal styling and far too marketing fluff with a huge price premium. I could have a local builder do the same bike for 20% less with custom geometry and likely better craftsmanship.

  5. I like the look but the price is way out there.
    The anti theft bolts and skewers are not a new thing either, I have them on my Bamboo MTB and Fixie.

  6. Mike points it out – but it is even more than that; were no Swedish paras in that period and certainly never had special bikes. I call bullsh*t.

  7. @Gringo:

    All things being equal, tires of a larger diameter will have lower rolling resistance and will be bit more comfortable over road mank.

  8. Ti isn’t that difficult to paint so a $400 upcharge for what appears to be flat green primer seems ridiculous. But when you consider it’s a $6000 coffee getter, sure why the hell not.

    I’ll be unoriginal and agree with everyone who’s already said for less than 6K you can have a local custom builder make something to your specs, and you get to meet the craftsman building it!

  9. I try not to be too negative but Budnitz strikes me as the bicycle equivalent of a Bestmadeco axe, massive marketing hype to supposedly justify a high price. Actually Budnitz may be worse, Bestmadeco at least starts out with a well regarded Snow & Nealley axe and just puts hipster foofaraw on it. Budnitz makes questionable design decisions, seems to assemble poorly (vice Bikesnob’s creaking issue), and then charges through the nose.
    For reference, Jeff Jones wants $3800 for a Ti Space Frame and fork and a Lynskey Ridgeline 29er frame is only $1995 which means you could easily roll an Alfine based rigid Lynskey out the door for around $4000.

  10. I offer up some additional additional non-snarky comments (in addition to agreeing w/ most everything people have pointed out); I mean, let’s have some fun with this! ; )

    …belongs in a “Sharper Image’ catalog…or maybe Delta Airlines’ ‘Sky Mall’…

    …for the same Benjamins, you could instead have a custom Eriksen, Black Sheep, Moots, Indy Fab, Jeff Jones, etc., [name your dream builder here]. Would anyone (not under the influence of seriously powerful mind-altering drugs) consider even for a millisecond that this bike is anywhere in the same time zone?

    …yeah, it looks like “#2” as well…

  11. ” inspired by WWII Swedish Parachute Infantry Bicycles”

    Interesting seeing how these never existed. Nothing like being nostalgic for that which never happened. Stupid hipsters.

  12. People actually do buy these things! Look at the FAQ on the Budnitz website. Unless its fake testimonials.

    BB7’s! I love my BB7’s but why would these even be considered for a bike at 6k. For that price where is the Rohloff hub on the back? God, this bike is so wrong!

  13. @ PSI

    I understand that the larger wheel will be more comfortable, thats elementary.
    What I want to know is why the hell you need two different wheel sizes ….on a city bike of all places…if all things are equal, as you said,you are better off to have a 700c front and back.

    I am just fishing for any semblance of a technical explanation from either PB or the fans….

    I don’t think I’ll get one.

  14. gringo,

    don’t let it keep you up all night worrrying about reasons for this bike to have been made. The video shows that the bike was made to be stolen, repainted, and resold. Since it’s just a cruiser, it doesnt’ matter which size front wheel or fork. The front wheel and fork can be switched to 26 after it gets sold and stolen back. Then, when somebody buys it as a 26er, it gets stolen again and changed back to a 69er, for resale, as a new and improved design. I consider Budnitz to be a marketing genius for this.

  15. If anything the bikes are based on BSA paratrooper bikes made for and used by British paratroopers in WWII. They were matt green cruisers frames with two massive thumbscrews on the top and down tube and could be folded down the middle. Don’t know how Budnitz could get things so very wrong, it’s almost as if no one there bothered to even do a google search before they wrote the copy. Actual Swedish military bikes are just massively overbuilt roadster frames painted matt green with integrated rack and tool box. I still see the originals from the 40s and 50s around town here in Sweden every now and then.

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