Commuters have it tough. While other cycling sub branches have a myriad of colorful clothing options and unique accessories, it seems that every other item aimed at the commuter market is some derivative of Merino wool.

Tired of the mundane, the folks at 90 Degrees decided to create a line of fun products aimed at the commuter market. The first of their new products is the Cinch Ankle Band, which is made entirely in the United States from  75% post consumer recycled materials, and retails for $14.

The bands are reflective and come in a myriad of patterns. The bands are long enough to accommodate both skinny and large legs and are fairly wide so they don’t need to be cinched down as tightly as comparable products in order to work effectively – which makes this design more comfortable for short trips around town.

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All of the different patterns currently offered.

 Even the 3M Scotchlite reflectors and Velcro are made in the US.

Via 90 Degrees

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