SRAM Quick Mount cycling computer mount for putting it in front of handlebar

SRAM has joined the ranks of cycling computer mount makers that put your bike brain out front of the handlebar. Actually, they’re joining it again, since the Quarq version sits on the family tree, too.

The SRAM Quickview differs in that it’ll fit all three of Garmin’s computers that use a 1/4 turn mount – the Edge 200, 500 and 800 – where the Quarq’s front guard limits it to the smaller models. Material is a hybrid composite that they claim will cut vibration to the head unit and hold firmly on the bar. It has an offset design that puts the computer in front of the stem, and they say you can mount it rearward facing to position the computer directly next to the stem on mountain bikes and cyclocross bikes to keep it out of harm’s way. Weight is 20g and it mounts with a single T25 Torx bolt on any 31.8 handlebar section. Retail will be $20 (€18) when it goes on sale in December, making it a good bit cheaper than many of the others. Could this be a precursor to a Quarq computer?

Want more? Click through for additional photos, or check out the similar mounts from Raceware Direct, 3T, Garmin, K-Edge and the company that started this whole thing, Bar Fly.

SRAM Quick Mount cycling computer mount for putting it in front of handlebar


  1. Rearward facing next to the stem to keep it out of harm’s way? Why not just use the original mount to put it on the stem… out of harm’s way?

  2. Excited then bummed when I see it keeps the computer up above the bars just like the k-edge and barfly…will keep waiting for that Quarq version to come out.

  3. While it’s nothing innovative or new, I do think it’s actually the cheapest aftermarket, offset mount so far. The Barfly is still $40, Quarq is $35 and the K-Edge won’t ever see that price range.

  4. I’m using the Adjustable computer mount from Bontrager. Super Slim, and cheap for me, With a little tinkering you can mount it upside down to be in line with the bars, and mount a Garmin 1/4 turn mount on it as well. When turned over, it has no markings.

  5. Got a barfly for my road bike which I think it’s overpriced but it works. Good to see one from SRAM and I can get one for my mtb, I think I can live with the logo since I’m running SRAM drivetrain on it 🙂

  6. bk – yeah, I’m waiting for a less expensive k-edge style, to keep it level with the bars rather than above so it will be more aero and i’ll be slightly less slow.

  7. The K-Edge is still the one for me. I picked it up for $40 so the price was decent for a US made CNC’d work of art. It clamps to the bar very securely, it holds the face of my 800 just below the top of my bars for good protection and easy viewing and it allows fore/aft adjustment for nice aesthetics for an 800 or 500.

    Others have mentioned that the quarter turn mount has sharp edges that cut into the Garmin a bit and this is true. I just added a touch of teflon lubricant and have had no problems at all.

    Also, my bike is all Shiimano so why would I want to litter it with a Sram logo!?

  8. @rpdupre… that is the one. I just flipped everything over and put a little screw though the center of the 1/4 turn mount. With a little lock tite, it holds fine. I like how small and low pro the mount is.
    I am a pathological tinkerer.. and I work for a Trek dealer, so it was a super cheap option.

  9. Everyone,

    I will be coming out with a aluminum Garmin mount that will be infinitely adjustable, will mount on either side of the stem and can accommodate several other popular components that you normally mount on your bars. The launch will take place in January 2013. Stay tuned and let me know what you think pricing should be.

  10. I’ve got the Barfly, and though I cringe at how much the dumb thing costs, it works. I think the K-Edge one is nice looking, but sort of over designed. Do I really need all that adjustment, separate machined pieces, and 3 bolts?

    I still think Barfly could unload about a million of these if they dropped the price to $15.

    Is no one else a little mad that this thing has a torx bolt? I know everyone keeps saying this is the coming new standard, but I still don’t have a single torx bolt on my bike. This isn’t the sort of thing I would need to adjust mid-ride, but I just wonder what the reasoning was with this.

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