Mama nature knocks out cross country racers at the BUCS 2011 race in Sheffield. This is the stuff fail is made from. Awesome!


  1. @Frank, Come race XC nationals at bear creek this year! You’ll never think that again.

    For that matter there are plenty of gnarly XC courses in the US. Most of the PRO XCT courses are pretty crazy and lots of races here in the Mid-Atlantic have piles of rocks on piles of rocks.

  2. That doesn’t look any worse than the cyclocross circuits at PIR in Portland, you’d think the English would know how to ride mud.

  3. must be beginners who were told they’re entry fee is waived if they make down the hill.

    It’s too funny watching people who clearly know very little about weight transfer.

    Gotta love the frame banger guy in your face when you are on the ground 😉

  4. This was actually in Moelfre in Wales at the trails where the Athertons train when they’re at home, not Sheffield.

    The BUCS race is the universities championship and is split into two- Champs and Sport. Champs is for your proper racers (including, as you can see, a lot of roadies who have come for the craic) and Sport for less enthusiastic riders, a lot of whom have only been riding a few months by this stage. The descent was down and old DH course used in the British national series in the 90’s and that point in the video was very steep and loose with a few rocks.

    It was brilliant to ride- a really tough XC course, the climb was brutally steep and the descent tough.

    I think I’m in that video getting a scalp on someone, I managed to nail it every time but it is a lot tougher than it looks in the video. If you think it’s funny to watch you should have been there- one of the best weekends of my university career.

  5. I’m guessing it was a lot steeper than it looked (and very slippery) based on the way that one guy kept sliding down it on his ass. Video/pics tend to make everything look flat. That said, very few of them appeared to be getting their butts behind the seat to get their weight back.

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