We receive and see a lot of videos every week but there are only a few names which cause us to drop everything and crowd around a monitor. New Silvia web edit? They’re paired with Graham Agassiz this time?

So stop whatever it is and watch this loam massacre. 

Brap. This GoPro footage of Brendan Fairclough tearing up the Down Hill Taxco course is unreal. It’s a combination between incredibly sketchy urban hucking and steep downhill. He’s absolutely tearing it up and not even pushing it. Notice how Brendawg occasionally looks back and checks to see if he’s sight? That’s how DH World Cup Racers roll.

If you’ve been lusting after that new Saint groupo we just weighed, here’s one more reason you need it.



  1. skidding tears up our trails and encourages younger kids to do the same. go to whistler at the end of summer, it sucks even with constant maintenance. studder bumps everywhere

  2. wish brendog wouldn’t have gotten hurt during rampage. would’ve loved to see that gap he shoveled in! always amazed there’s never a dog or cat gettin squashed during urban DHs!

  3. Studder bumps lol. Try riding washed out trails that are mostly loose rocks and roots like the a lot of 1track in new england. The soft dirt in that video looks so fun.

  4. Rider is skilled no doubt, but chewing up the trail trying to look cool is for d-bags and screws up the trails in a hurry – that move should only be done on snow.

What do you think?