Cardboard fenders election signs

After hard fought elections across the US, there’s quite a few campaign signs floating around. Blogger Kent Peterson devised some cool ways to recycle the waterproof, plastic material. With a couple campaign signs and a few zip ties, you can DIY a rack and fender set for the rainy-day commuter. Sound awesome? Instructions for the build are illustrated over at Peterson’s website. Image courtesy of Earth911.


  1. NOTE: The following refers to the instructions on Kent’s page… He put these on an EDDY MERCKX – crazy!


    I’m all for the recycling and fenders and this is a cool project – but.. but.. but.. tha.. that… that’s and EDDY Freakin!!!!! MERCKs frame!!!!! your %&^*%& insane!!!!!! Doesn’t Dante reserve a special level in Hell for people who make clown bikes out of fine, hand made racing machines -especially ones that say EDDY MERCKS

  2. I think the fenders on that Merckx should be the least of your worries. A frame pump, bull horns, and a saddle bag the size of a suite case are way more offending! Heaven forbid he set up his bike how he likes it, and thus rides it even more than normal. Who does this guy think he is?!

  3. Something to think about:

    Those signs aren’t free for hipster’s taking. They belong to the candidate. I have heard for people getting into trouble for taking them, tearing them down, etc.

    My wife worked on a couple of candidate’s campaigns and their signs are a big no-no to mess with.

    With them on your bike it would be hard to say they weren’t stolen.

    Just saying…

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