Mission Workshop’s range topping Arkiv Field Pack gets the Advanced Projects treatment. The result is the VX / R8 Arkiv Field Pack which makes use of 8 rails, as opposed to the two found on the R2 and six found on the R6. This AP edition is made using a 1000 denier VX Corduar ripstop shell that is backed with a PTFE waterproof membrane. Beyond that, the bag is lined with a VX70 ripstop liner, producing what should be an extremely durable and weatherproof bag. Sizing options include a large version with a 40 liter (2,500 cu.in.) capacity, or a small option at half the size (20 linters, 1,250 cu.in.)

More details, but my initial impressions of the Advanced Projects VX Large Rucksack await you past the break.

The real genius in the system (as previously covered) is the customizable accessories that attach to the bag. The military (and custom bag makers) have been doing something similar for years now using the MOLLE system. While similar, the Arkiv version feels more refined, and is easier to use. Accessories for the AP edition are made using the same fabrics as the main bag, and include the Folio ($76), Laptop Case ($94), Tool Pocket ($66), Utility / Cell Pocket ($36), Vertical Roll Pocket ($56), Vertical Zip Pocket ($60), Should Strap ($24), and Waist Belt ($34). The Main bag is priced at $320 for a small, and $360 for the large. Yes, it’s can become a very pricy setup, but with a lifetime warrantee, you should only have to buy it once.

Mission Workshop VX Large Rucksack Front View

Also of note is the fact that the Advanced Projects version of the Mission Workshop Fitzroy, dubbed the VX Large Rucksack, has just arrived for review. Initial impressions are very high as one might expect of a bag costing $319. The bag oozes quality and class. The construction and materials used are of the utmost quality, and it gives the bag a great tactile feel. It holds it’s shape well when unloaded, and is very comfortable when worn. The Arkiv fasteners (image below) are a huge improvement over the traditional plastic buckles.  And for those of us that prefer a very large bag, I am pretty sure a small child could be carried in on, but we don’t recommend it.  A smaller version is also available if desired.  A full review is coming soon. In the mean time, here’s another image and a couple of videos

Mission Workshop VX Large Rucksack Arkiv Hardware




  1. hahahahahaha

    to think time was spent on this product when a more productive thing would have been to stay at home and watch family guy

  2. I don’t really want to ever meet the person who purchases one of these. A german named Dieter comes to mind. Wearing all black and very skinny. Has bizarre thoughts and very severe hair.

  3. fawk. approaching 400 bones for an urban backpack. less ‘accessories’.

    Is this for days that your girlfriend won’t lend out her Hermes Kelly bag? At that price I want chromexel not cordura.

  4. Hate all you want, I have the MW Rambler and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever bought. Aside from paying itself off by allowing hundreds of cargo trips that would have been $10-$20 cab rides otherwise, I’ve been using it this week to help transport materials for the relief efforts for Hurricane Sandy in Brooklyn / Queens. It’s not one of their extra-special AP bags and it doesn’t have the Arkiv closures and it’s somewhat less expensive than these bags, but it’s proof that these guys know how to build great bags.

    If you buy one of their products and can’t get any value out of it, it’s because you aren’t trying at all.

  5. I wonder if all of you guys who laugh and scoff at the price of these bags ride walmart bikes. No? Why not? …And that is why these bags retail for $400 and not $24.99.

    These are well made bags, made in the US, with high end materials, and some clever design-work. Try making a bag, you might learn to appreciate the craft.

    There is a bit of hype involved but not that much.

  6. I love bike rumor, but the amount of haters in the comments is becoming ridiculous. This is a bad ass looking bag, and one of those “buy it for life” type investments. I would buy one, I bought a chrome bag 12 years ago before they were cool, when the offered 3 colors, and people thought I was crazy for spending that amount or $$ on a “stupid bag with a seatbelt.” Now you see them everywhere. This seems like another one of those bags.

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