Volagi Viaje steel endurance disc brake road bike accomplishes kickstarter campaign and begins production

The Volagi Viaje steel framed disc brake road bike has successfully closed it’s Kickstarter Campaign, raising $23,000 and change more than they needed.

If you were fortunate enough to snag one through the fundraising campaign, you’ve got two bits of good news coming: First, you got one helluva deal. Second, frames start delivering in late November if you chose the 4130 chromoly Viaje XL frame, and early December for complete bikes. If you went for the higher end Viaje SL with Columbus Spirit tubing, you’re looking at a February delivery and something else to fall in love with around Valentines Day.

Volagi’s chief-of-everything-except-bike-design Susan Forsman told us they have about 1,000 frames in production between the two models, so inventory should be good for anyone looking to grab one post-Kickstarter. XL frames will be $1,195 and SL’s are $1,495. Both include their fork, which is a bit taller than the Liscio’s and has a full 1.5″ taper at the bottom. And fender mounts.

Now, about that gorgeous flat bar build above: That’s the showstopper they had at Interbike, and we just got it in and built for a full review here at Bikerumor! Look for a weigh-in and first impressions soon.


  1. I’m sure it’s a well made bicycle, but “showstopper?” Parts are ok, colorway is boring. The fender is kinda cool but looks very out of place on that bike.

  2. The “and change” was the dollar they had to pay Specialized 🙂

    Glad to hear that Volagi is still in business after The Big S tried to run them out of town!

  3. American-designed commuter bikes are funny.
    no lights. no guard ring to keep your $200 Diesel jeans outta the chain and largely functionless flat fenders that direct any and all spray outwards towards your feet.

  4. It looks like they changed the seatstay bridge for more tire and fender clearance. All of the previously shown had just enough room for a small stone to get wedged in.

  5. A one-off demo and a steel frame you cannot ride before buying. Nor has a limp-wristed BR “writer” ridden one either to share their first class skills as a ride reviewer.

    $1500 for that steel wonder sounds about right.

    Gimmeabreak, Tyler, keep in mind bikerumor is often as funny as it is sometimes informative. But then again, I check it out, don’t I?

  6. The disc brake road thing has seemed to stall with many bigger brands waiting to see how the major brake brands/companies will overcome some serious functional and technical issues. I wonder how Volagi will do, if all they have to offer is caple operated discs for some time to come? I think for me, I would stick with good rim brakes over mediocre discs.

  7. The lawsuit from the big S did an excellent job for marketing and launching the brand but lawsuits are expensive. That is probably why it is $1200 for a 4130 frame; however, that is completely overpriced. The nicer frame at the $1500 price point is competing with handmade builders like Rock Lobster, DeSalvo, Gunnnar, Sycip and Retrotec. I don’t know where that bike is made but that price point is extremely hard to justify if it is built overseas.

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