Traitor Cycles Ruben disc brake cyclocross gravel road bike with Columbus steel frame

Traitor Cycles’ may be more known for their singlespeed/fixed gear bikes, but the new Ruben looks to broaden the brand’s appeal with a delicious sandwich of Columbus Thron Seamless double butted steel tubes, disc brakes and a SRAM Apex group for just $1,648.

The bike includes their steel fork with rack and fender braze-ons throughout. Complementing steel’s ride quality is a 27.2mm seatpost spec and a straight 1-1/8″ headtube, which should give it a pretty good handle on the rough stuff. Rear spacing, interestingly, is 132.5mm, splitting the difference between the standard disc brake bike width of 135 and road’s normal 130.

Joining the Ruben as a less standard offering is a custom built geared, disc brake version of their Crusade cyclocross bike. Roll through the break to see more…

Traitor Cycles Ruben disc brake cyclocross gravel road bike with Columbus steel frame

Ruben frames are available for just $599 if you want to build one up yourself. Internal cable routing is a nice touch, particularly at this price.

Traitor Cycles Ruben disc brake cyclocross gravel road bike with Columbus steel frame

It’s also available in blue or black.

Traitor Cycles custom Crusade disc brake geared cyclocross bike

The Crusade SS is their dedicated single speed cyclocross bike and uses cantilever brakes. This custom model mixes it all up with gears and disc brakes and some fantastic looking cable ports.

Traitor Cycles custom Crusade disc brake geared cyclocross bike

Traitor Cycles custom Crusade disc brake geared cyclocross bike

Traitor Cycles custom brass chainring handcuffs headbadge

Even the headbadge is cool.


  1. I freaking LOVE where the all-road/cross/gravel segments are going. Spec is right, price point is right, frames are right. If this kind of thing had been available 10 years ago my cycling career would have been very different!

  2. You know that the Ruben has been around for several years, right? This version isn’t even all that “new”.

    On the positive side, thanks for the info on the geared Crusade. Those ports are neat.

  3. Little known fact is that this is run by some of the same guys who run Transition Bikes. I’d expect the same amazing customer service, fun ride, and bomber builds that I’ve always experienced with Transition.

    Stoke’d they’ve finally offering completes.

  4. The last few pics are from a custom filet bike made for a guy in Washington for cx racing… And as some one said earlier, this bike has been around around, they have been around for what, 4 years now with this model? Sorry bike rumor, rework this article then submit once your information is correct.

  5. $1600 is still right in the ballpark for a complete disc Apex build.

    BUT! I can’t find anywhere whether you get the Apex front shifter with that or just an S500 brake lever. I’d be cool if they equipped the full build with a front shifter, so a person could add a double crank and a front derailleur when they wanted to.

    I had a 1st-gen Ruben and they’ve largely fixed it’s issues for this one. The only complaint I have is that tire clearance at the fork could be a tad larger. The frame will take 38s and fenders, but the fork is limited to more like a 32 and fenders based on a friend’s black Ruben of this generation. (note 28c tire shown in pics).

  6. Been riding my Ruben for about a year now and I absolutely love it. Heads up, if you want to run a front derailleur (I put a full Rival group on mine), you may have trouble finding a front derailleur to fit. I ended up using a braze-on derailleur and a Problem Solvers clamp.

    I’ve run up to 35mm tires (Continental CX Race) on the front with tonnes of clearance, but I’d be surprised to fit anything larger.

  7. If you look at the pictures (good shot of front brake lever on their website), the front brake lever does not have a shifter paddle on it. 1×10 only

  8. jimmythefly – The V2 fork in the photos above has room for wide tires, the V1 did not. I have 47mm wide 650b tires with 8mm clearance from each V2 fork leg, the V1 fork could barely fit a 32 in 700c.

  9. another issue with replacing the fork will be that many carbon road/cx disc forks have tapered steerers to account for the increased braking force due to a.) point of leverage being at the bottom of leg instead of near top, and b.) that force coming on only one side of the fork. Probably not an issue with metal forks though(?)

  10. All I can say is I love it – now I want a silver Ruben with a brown Diamond Stitch saddle, the widest cross tires I can fit, and a MTB bar with Ergon BioKork grips. There are an awful lot of crushed granite groomed trail systems being built around Austin…

  11. ahh, found the frame weight on their site-
    4.6lbs/2086g frame
    2lbs/907g fork

    seems a bit hefty but I guess if the frame(no fork?) only costs $600.00 its not too bad

  12. Texast – Fork is included at $600usd
    Tyler (Editor) – You should dig more and find us some info on the 2013 Ruben which will be released in February 2013 !

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