Last week we posted an article with a round up of all the rumors floating around regarding DVOs new inverted downhill fork – currently named Emerald. This week a new round of pictures full of CNC’d goodness popped up on their Facebook.

Another photo and some more rumor after the break.

These tidbits just arrived for assembly and testing. First things first. They need to test a variety of different coatings. According to their comments “a hard ano with molybdenum disulfide or DLC” works best for this application since USD forks are less prone to binding.

Oh yeah, the rear fork is now being called Jade. Sounds like my girl will be needing some Emerald and Jade in the near future…


  1. Questions : how do they plan to hold the lowers (or uppers since it’s usd :P) to the crowns ? Press fit ? if so, how do they plan to adjust the height on the uppers (for the pivot length for example) ?

    and is it really CNC ? looks like forged to me, no trace of CNC machining (or none I can see)

  2. Those are pretty sexy. I can see the lower crown being a cryo-fit or something along those lines, but how would the upper crown attach?

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