prodUser Wooden Bicycle Tristan KoppObviously, there’s a market for custom fixies. With the ProdUSER system by French designer Tristan Kopp, custom gets brought to a brand new level. It lets you jam whatever tubing you want into a couple clamps and start rolling. Shown above, Kopp clamped some regular, everyday branches together for the frame. The ProdUSER system uses a steel chain stay, seat stay, bb shell and fork, but the rest left to the imagination. Click through for images…

prodUser Wooden Bicycle Tristan Kopp SaddleThe system’s still in the design phase, so there’s no pricing yet, or announcements of when it’ll hit the market.

Produser Custom Bike System

Produser Wooden Bike Bottom Bracket

More images over at DesignBoom and Kopp’s website.


  1. This strikes me as a dancing bear sort of product, it is interesting for what it does, but it does not do it well. I’m also expecting Bike Snob to produce some really brilliant snark about this involving hewing branches with a Bestmadeco axe.

  2. @ Editz, love your comment

    Reminds me of the 3d printed Vorwaertz lugs in terms of a bike I would never want to ride but looks like art.

    put a bird on it and hang it in your flat!

  3. I like it. You can cut your hand on the seat tube / seat stay junction as you carry the bike downstairs and then while you’re riding along cussing and bleeding, you can hit a pothole, snap one of your frame “tubes” and hit the pavement face first. Sweet.

  4. @T
    Having recently walked past a lovely blue late 70’s-ish Colnago with the derailleur tab removed I say “Hear Hear!”

  5. I’ve had too many people respond with “why not?” when I tell them not to ride a bike AFTER showing them the giant buckle or crack in one of the tubes to think that this is a good idea for the general public. That being said, the whole thing is pretty interesting and might be fun way to play with bike geometries if it came in a few different “lug” angles.

    Cool design, looks fun, don’t think I’d pick up the risk of selling it to folks.

  6. I doubt anything that blunt would cut a person’s hand, unless you’re a real puss. It looks like a cool design concept, and remember, it’s by a French guy. Now a fatbike kit with the same concept, that would rule!

  7. Build spec is a little questionable, lugs look like they might hurt you, but if it will potentially keep hipsters from being able to re-produce in the future I feel compelled to support it.

  8. In Portland, some bike shops are already making wooden bikes for thousands of dollars. So for this to catch people’s attention, it would either have to weigh a lot less (hardened bubble wrap plastic) or fold up into a bowling bag.

    However, it does look like it could be used for some very interesting children’s bike designs (slim kid-fat kid versatility built into the frame.

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