Skins compression apparel cycling gear sues UCI for brand damage

Paul Kimmage, the journalist who was sued by the UCI for defamation after claiming foul play by the UCI in handling Lance Armstrong’s doping allegations as well as taking money from Armstrong, has filed a counter suit. The suit was filed in Switzerland claiming “strong suspicions of fraud” and was done on behalf of Kimmage and similarly dismissed whistleblowers Floyd Landis, Stephen Swart, Frankie Andreu, Christophe Bassons, Nicolas Aubier, Gilles Delion, Graham Obree and others who’ve spoken out against the UCI.

Now, apparel brand Skins has filed their own suit claiming damages to their reputation through their sponsorship association with cycling teams governed by the UCI. Their full statement is on their website and boils down to this: The UCI’s handling of anti-doping measures, in particular the inactions of Pat McQuaid and Hein Verbruggen with regard to the case against Armstrong, have damaged the credibility of sponsors associated with the sport. They’re seeking damages of $2,000,000. The statement finishes with this:

“Skins’ demand against the UCI sends out a serious corporate message that the support of partners and sponsors in any world sport cannot be abused and must be preserved by unimpeachable leadership. The unequivocal overhaul of cycling can only be achieved by a credible and capable governing body. In serving this action, Skins’ is also serving notice that the UCI is not currently the organisation that cycling needs it to be. For the last 22 years, there have been 2 people at the head of this organisation and we allege that they are directly responsible for the culture of denial within the UCI. It’s past time for change.”


  1. Dude, this is cycling news, not world events. The percentage of people even remotely interested in anything posted here is infinitesimal. Go ride.

  2. i dont think this is a reinvention of cycling. its everyone trying to get their pound of flesh. for the good of the sport everyone should chill out a bit. suing back and forth will do nothing but tarnish the sport. that said, pat mcquaid should step down.

  3. Hold on a second. Skins is just figuring out that the UCI is full of shit? Seems opportunistic to claim foul now when it suits your public image….. kind of pathetic.

  4. I’m no lawyer.. I’ll just pretend to be for a minute.. but, wouldn’t the more appropriate lawsuit (on behalf of Skins) actually be one placed against any sponsored riders that doped? Or teams that benefited from Skins sponsorship and directly disceived them through an elabotrate doping regime?

    Riders and teams involved in doping.. only if they were directly under skins sponsorship.. are the ones that actually defrauded the company and tarnished their image. The lawsuit would seem better directed towards those individuals – instead of the UCI. Otherwise, it’s a little like filing a lawsuit against the California Highway Patrol for not being effective in eliminating speeding on CA highways.

    I agree that UCI is corrupt and needs to be cleaned up, but the lawsuit by Skins still seems to be a little misplaced.

    Whole thing reeks of product marketing.

  5. I did not even know Skins was in cycling… Makes you wonder why they did not sue Anders Breivik, who “advertized” their brand some time ago in Norway. I guess that was a whole lot more bad publicity.

  6. I thought the association with Triathlon did them way more damage, all those pippy-longstockings guys in crop tops.. awful )

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