If you’re a regular Behind The Barriers fan, you’ve already seen this. If not, settle in, as these vids are on the long side. Here’s the blurb on this episode:

Episode 5 of Behind THE Barriers’ third season is in Fort Collins, Colorado, for The Smartwool Cup, the second stop of the US Gran Prix of Cyclocross series. Jeremy’s in town with one goal in mind: to win. But before he can do that, he’s got to catch up with some old friends, as well as meet some new ones. On Saturday, Jeremy is doing his best to improve Scottish-Irish relations, as well as teach Tim Johnson about this new fad that’s sweeping the cyclocross world: disc brakes. Behind THE Barriers’ old friend, Nine-Ball Dude, makes his yearly appearance, and is quickly becoming a staple of the Fort Collins cyclocross community. When the racing gets underway, Jeremy is out looking for his fifth-straight UCI Category 1 victory, and in scenes reminiscent of last year’s battle, he has to stalk down a flying Ryan Trebon to take the victory. After watching a man fall from the edge of space, it’s back to the grind on Sunday, where Jeremy is after his first weekend sweep of the year. Before he can do that, however, he’s got to check in with friends, including Geoff Kabush, Danny Summerhill and and old road racing compatriot, Mike Creed.

Enjoy because, if our analytics have taught us anything, you’re watching this at work.

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