Tokyo Fixed Ono Death Spray paint track bike collaboration

Tokyo Fixed just sent over a few images of their new Ono track bike with a trick paint scheme by Death Spray Custom.

The name refers to a Japanese hatchet used for cutting through obstacles, the Ono’s low profile geometry should have you cutting through the wind. In style. The steel frame is Columbus Max / Zona tubing fillet brazed to a smooth finish, then covered with a subtle gradiant dot design. It has standard-for-track 120mm spacing and sliding track dropouts. It comes with a paint-matched carbon fork (alloy steerer) and straight 1-1/8″ head tube.

For those lucky enough to get one, it’s completely streetable, even with a flip-flop hub thanks to a brake drilling in the fork crown. We say lucky because TF’s site’s already showing them as sold out in all sizes. So, enjoy the pics…


  1. he also makes it sound like flipping a hub over to freewheel and having a front brake only is fine and dandy. also, streetable? pretty cringe-worthy write-up.

  2. @ teh haterz: let me know when y’all have a website up listing interesting new stuff like this…

    Skip the text; look at the pretty pictures…

  3. @mike c

    the comments section is here for a reason. write sh!t articles and expect criticism. welcome to the internet, you must be new here.

    also, calling people “haters” and saying sh!t like “where’s YOUR website” is just lazy.

  4. Death spray is right….Grammar correctors, know-it-alls, what else? Please, leave the ‘you’re not doing it right’ spray on the grammar forums. Really, it gets tiring reading through all the pissant comments about grammar, and whether it’s a sliding, horizontal, track, or d-bag dropout. Seriously. Give it rest.

  5. @bri-bri

    The comments section is here for a reason–rite sh!t comments, expect criticism. welcome to the interwebz, where not everyone is on the same wavelength… and willing to share.

    “welcome to the internet, you must be new here” was probably appropriate a decade ago and regurgitating such is also lazy.

    The bike is nice, although I like an actual fade, not the 4 dpi halftone dot treatment, no matter how post-post-post modern op art it is. Not a deal killer with this bike, though, the rest of it is sweet. Love the fillet brazing.

    Bri-bri: your turn for actual content…

  6. A track bike with a drilled fork crown is dumb, and coasting with only a front brake is even dumber. Also track dropouts don’t exist, they’re track ends… Isn’t this fixed gear thing over yet?

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