Santa Cruz bikes just released a freshly updated version of their perennial do-it-all ripper the Chameleon. Gone (thank you, thank you, and thank you) is the eccentric bottom bracket and in is a new replaceable dropout system. No word on if you’ll still be able to open adult beverages with the hanger, but at least you won’t be adjusting your droopy chain after every few rides.

The frame has also been updated for this, the year of our lord two thousand and twelve, with a tapered headtube, ISCG 05 mounts, a slightly longer top tube, and a one degree slacker headtube angle.

Jokes aside, the Santa Cruz Chameleon is an amazing bike. In fact, my first serious non-xc mountain bike was one of the last made in America models. On that bike I learned to blast the same wooden transitions, berms, and sandy corners that Steve Peat and Ratboy destroy in the clip. That video made me home sick and now that the bike has been updated with a more modern geometry and specs, I’m suddenly longing for another one….

Pricing, pictures, and geometry after the break

Frame price $751

   Recon Silver TK sa 120   1862   N/A   N/A   N/A   N/A   N/A   N/A
   32 Float CTD oc 120   N/A   2277   2549   2583   3760   3760   3811
   32 Float CTD oc 130   N/A   2277   2549   2099   3760   3760   3811
   32 Float CTD Adjust FIT 120   N/A   2433   2705   2739   3916   3916   3967
   32 Float CTD Adjust FIT 130   N/A   2433   2705   2739   3916   3916   3967

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  1. Word is that there will be an aluminum version of the TRc to replace the Nickel becoming available later in 2013. As for the Butcher, the Blur LT is the spiritual successor.

  2. I must say Saris, I prefer your writing style over regurgitated press releases ripe with marketing fluff. Good show…….brief, to-the-point and light-hearted. Good show to SCB, too. These guys just keep cranking out cool, versatile, no nonsense rigs.

  3. What was wrong with the EBB? Had my chameleon since 2008 and its still rock solid. My only criticism is the beefy seat stays means it has such a stiff end vertically you can feel every little jolt through the saddle.

  4. Long live the hardtail. After all the full suspension bikes I’ve owned, my hardtail still puts the biggest smile on my face. I guess I’m just holding on to those BMX glory days.

    Should be a great candidate for 650b with those replaceable drops. I do miss the anodized colors though.

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