2013 Sampson Stratics Carbon SL lightweight road bike pedals with ti or hardened steel axles

After two years of R&D and race testing (including a Gold at the Pan Am Games), Sampson’s Stratics Carbon pedals are finally for real.

It was actually over a year ago since we last posted on them, and I had a chance to hold one at Interbike for a second. First impression is good for the weight, and the size of the platform is impressive. They use their “no rock” design to keep the pedal stable left to right.

Two models are available, a 97g Carbon Ti and a 123g Carbon Steel. The difference, as you’ve probably guessed, is the spindle material. The Ti gets a hard coated (gold) 6/4 titanium spindle and the other is steel. Both use fully sealed bearings and a new cam-style entry and locking mechanism. Sampson says this makes entry almost automatic. Tension is adjustable, and they offer a very low platform height. Cleats are hardware add just 69g for the pair, putting the Ti model at 263g all in and 312g for the Steel. Retail is $349 and $249 respectively.

UPDATE: 175lb rider weight limit on the titanium spindles.


  1. let me start by saying i’ve been in the bike biz for a nice chunk of time so i have a sense of what is out there/ the industry thinks is good, bad or otherwise….In all of my time, I cannot recall one person or even the slightest bit of demand for anything sampson or xpedo. who buys this stuff and where are they located? i ask because maybe it is a regional thing…i dont have the answer, I’m just asking….
    there appears to be nothing exciting or innovative about them…..why would anyone buy them?

  2. if i was actually interested in Keos, i’d probably try the xpedo fully-blinged out ones, with the ano ti top plate. the top end keos are overpriced IMO, and their bearings arent all that.
    that said, i ride shimanos.

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