If a custom frame builder will build you a bike anyway you want it (I’m looking at you fender geeks) do you think I could convince one to build me a frame with an integrated Wheelie Bar? Just thinking out loud.

We’ve been rooting for Steve Smith since long before he won his first world cup race this year….and it all started with this clip from the movie Seasons. The Collective/Anthill Farm movies Seasons and Roam are a few years old now but well worth watching.

Back in 2012 Luke Ball is absolutely blasting on two wheels.


  1. Somehow I love the fact that the kids were barefooted. It looks like the producers drove to a school playground and said “hey kids, come over here for a few minutes, we’ll put you in a TV commercial.”

  2. Wheeeelieeee Bars! And anything Wham-O!–just rocks! The days of freedom… GREAT video, guys.

    I remember those days and the peer pressure I felt before I plopped down hard-earned paper route money for a sissy bar, because all of my friends had one–I certainly wasn’t cool without one! I still today don’t know what good they were or what they did… but ya had to have one!

    Also cool–anyone notice–riding without insurance company mandated helmets. Can you imagine what these suits would say today if Wham-O ran an ad telling kids to go out and balance on the top of your bike? Mother Against Wham-O would be protesting the streets. Maybe they’ll figure a way to put air bags on a bicycle . D’oh!

    Well, MB-ing does bring back those thrilling days of yesteryear–like I told my wife: when I was 17, I wanted an expensive, hot car. Now I’m in my fifties and I want a hot, expensive bicycle!

    Everyone go out today and burn rubber now!

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