I met Tom Allen, the world-traveling, bike touring, adventure-having protagonist of Janapar on the recent Bike Bloggers Tour of Taiwan and was captivated by his stories.

Compiling footage and stories from four years on the bike, it tells the story of a cycling adventure that started in one direction before facing the ultimate fork in the road: Love, or riding. Now, he’s put his notes and journal entries into a book, and it’s time to get it published. If you’ve ever dreamed of just hopping on your bike and going, Janapar (the book) could be the start ramp you need to get rolling.

As usual, the Kickstarter campaign has prizes for various levels of donation, including signed books, copies of the DVD, etc. The best one is that Tom will actually ride his bike to your home (if you live anywhere in the UK) to personally deliver several copies of the book, hang out and screen the movie for you and your friends.


What do you think?