Blackburn Side Roller side entry water bottle cage and carbon fiber cages

Blackburn’s 2013 accessory line up brings a few new products to make the cycling experience a bit more user friendly. Or just better looking.

The Side Roller is an alloy bottle cage that rotates around the mounting bolts, letting you set the angle of bottle entry/exit where ever you please. This means you can choose right or left side entry, too, making it easier than ever to grab a drink and fit a decent sized bottle inside smaller frames. Retail is $15, weight is 51g.

On the right, their Camber carbon fiber cages are just 26g and get some limited edition colors for $50. Not shown, there’s also a gloss red, gloss white, matte white and black.

Blackburn Airstick  mini bike pump gets new pink red green and white colors

New colors on Airstik SL mini pump let you coordinate with you kit and carbon bottle cage.

Blackburn Barrier waterproof bike saddle bags

Barrier bags are water proof and come in regular and micro sizes. They have welded seams and TPU coated nylon fabric. $22-$27.

Blackburn Mars magnetic mount mini bicycle tail light

Mars Magnetic light has a simple rare earth magnetic strap that flaps around a jersey pocket, backpack strap or seat pack loop for quick, simple installation and removal.

Super Flea lights now display remaining battery power level when you turn it off so you know when it needs recharging.

Everything they make has a lifetime no-fault guarantee.


  1. YO!!!! Blackburn has a “lifetime” warranty on ALL their products!!! Return that sh*t to the store and get a new one. This is one of the big mistakes of the Blackburn brand, they use low grade materials and treatments, but then pretend to be a top level player. Look at Ortleib their stuff is super bomber, best materials german made, and they only offer a 5 year warranty!!!! Geezzz

  2. Comments above are so true… I had a Blackburn pump once (it was an Airstik Longneck Evo) and broke it after THREE days. I must admit there was no problem with replacement but PLEASE, what’s the point of offering lifetime warranty for a product that doesn’t last a week?!

  3. I don’t have a ton of experience with all of Blackburn’s products, but I love my Flea lights, and they have been going strong for 4+ years. I’m stoked to try out the new super-flea rear light.

  4. Though I’ve had a pump and a rack going strong for many years now, my Flea Lights are Garbage! I’ve replaced the broken front with a Serfas, and could not be happier. Not only does the Velcro strap fray (manufacturing flaw), the font light just flopped off of it like a lemming heading into the sea (design flaw). The strap is too big to properly attach to a 25.4 handlebar, except at the clamp area (it wraps up on itself), the lights face only one direction (no side or diagonal view), use a P.O.S. proprietary USB charger that seems cool until it stops working or is lost. Yeah, they’re small and bright for their size, but my verdict is: garbage (literally with the font b/c it has stopped working). I would not even Blackburn to replace it.

    I know my micro-rant is kind of a dumb waste of time, but I have been quietly fuming over this for some months now, and I fleal much brighter now.

  5. Agree with the others. Owned an older Blackburn trainer that went bad. Blackburn said to send it in for repair. They sent a new top of the line trainer for at no cost! I’m a customer for life now.

  6. I hope the “super” fleas are waterPROOF and have sealed connectors.

    Fleas are an Ok product, but useless for commuting in the pacific northwest or other wet areas as the charging connectors corrode quickly.

    But hey, their warranty’s as good as SRAM’s 😀

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