Chris King limited edition anodized purple headsets bottom brackets and hubs

Chris King has finally gone and done it. After an extremely limited (and presumed one-off custom) run of dark purple parts for Independent Fabrication, they’ve decided to make the color available to all.

Options are somewhat limited, but span enough sizes and offerings to make most people happy. It’s not the lighter purple ano made so popular by Ringle hubs back in the day. Like most things, it’s matured with age into a darker, more respectable purple. They’re not putting quantity limits on the run, just a time limit. All orders must be in by December 10, 2012.

Click through for a full parts offering…


– No Threadsets 1” & 1-1/8” Bold and Sotto Voce
– InSet 2, InSet 3, InSet 7
– 1” GripNut in Bold
– Headset Spacer Kits 1-1/8

– Road and Mountain in both SRAM and Shimano (ceramic bearing upgrades available)

– 28H Front and Rear. Available in both Shimano/SRAM or Campagnolo*
– 32H Low Flange Front and Rear
– 32H Front QR, QR15, and 20mm Thru Axle
– 32H Rear 135mm, 142mm or Single Speed
– 36H Front and Rear High Flange

– 58mm



  1. @Hans – because DA cups will not last for ever.. These will! People can’t believe it when I show them how mine (MTB and road) hubs and BB run like new – after 5 years of punishment in the danish winter weather.

  2. You people obviously have no experience with the products in question if you think that Chris King hubs are of a higher quality or will last longer than Dura Ace.

  3. Dura-Ace versus King?

    King: Made in the USA. Little to no service (depending on rider), color options, Rebuildable BB, headset too, longer warranty than DA.

    DA: Made not in the USA. Requires service. Will last FOREVER (with correct care). Roll smoother than cartridge bearings. Heavier. Only 1 axle option available 130mm. Only 1 color available. Meh bottom bracket. No headset, still.

    All about the priorities here.

  4. @BC

    Life it to short for loose ball bearing hubs in some applications. My ten year old Ultegra hubs are amazing but I can’t say the same for the mountain bike hubs. XT hubs are notorious for several issues – including developing play, crap seals, slow engagement, and easily broken freehub bodies. They’re alright for the commuter bike but I’m sticking to my Hadley’s (and possibly purple CKs) for aggressive trail riding and downhillling.

  5. Better products for whatever application.

    MTN: Hope / I9
    Road: Dura ace, DT Swiss
    Headsets: Cane Creek
    Bottom brackets: Get a real hobby.

  6. I’d say DA and King is sort of apples to oranges. They’re both great. I can’t believe I commented twice this morning, I’ll see you guys later…. before things get even weirder.

  7. King… resisting the urge to sell what customers actually want since, forever.

    Our headsets were definitely just as good as the competition… still are, still are, Oops, Can Creek’s patent ran our so you need to upgrade to our new version. It’s mo-betta than our old crap.
    You don’t want the pink we’ve been selling, you want this new, guaranteed to clash version.
    You don’t Really want the purple you’ve been wanting for years, you want this new non-matching purple.

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