Transition just revamped their website with new products. What you’ll notice? Gone are the venerable Bottle Rocket and Blindside (Boooo!) and in is their new dirt jump lineup, Klunker, and Covert family.  Most of the lineup remains unchanged but received fresh new color schemes.

The site still appears to be somewhat glitchy so we can’t aggregate all the news but head past the break for pricing/links. We’ll update with more info as it arrives.

The Carbon Covert will be available as a frame or with two different build kits. Frame retails for a hefty $2800.  Roughly the same MSRP as the Santa Cruz Nomad ($2,850 USD) or the Yeti SB66 Carbon ($3,000 USD).

Covert 26 Carbon 1 $6599 Complete
Covert 26 Carbon 2 $5199 Complete


Carbon 29 1 $5499 Complete
Carbon 29 2 $3899 Complete
Carbon 29 3 $2999 Complete

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