We had the chance to catch up with pro BMX rider Gary Young at the Dew Tour in SF for a quick bike check. His Sunday doesn’t resemble any BMX bike you grew up riding and it’s literally dripping in all the latest Odyssey components.

Pictures of all the cool stuff after the break..

The bike begins with the frame. The foundation of Gary’s setup is Sundays top of the line Soundwave. Both the bottom and top tube are waved which mitigates denting when things get real. Other neat bits include an integrated chain tensioner and hollow dropouts in a claimed 4.87 lbs package.

The Odyssey Lincoln stem is a relatively svelte 9.8 oz (278g) and uses two bolts to pinch the bars in place.

The face plate uses Odyssey chain links to swing back for handlebar installation.One bolt pinches the stem in place to minimize those painful knee strikes.

In the past, Gary has stated he prefers running aluminum pegs in the front and a chromo rear. The lighter pegs up front help keep the bike playful. This set up with three pegs and a brake weighs roughly 24 lbs.

Odyssey plastic pedals with metal pins spinning Thunderbolt cranks.

Perhaps the trickiest piece? This new Odyssey chain.  The master link uses a small allen to setup.

Today’s modern BMX riders frequently choose to run their bikes brakeless. This quick release setup allows Gary to choose between running a brake for huge dirt competitions or he can quickly remove them altogether.

Start the timer. He claims he can remove/install the system in under 5 minutes with nothing but a 5mm allen.

These tiny prototype brake pads are currently being tested and are said to have several advantages for BMX over standard designs. The smaller width reduces overall weight and also diminishes squealing due to vibration from out of true rims.

Follow the link to watch Gary in the highlights from the inaugural Dew Tour Street Style competition.


  1. @Rob
    what’s wrong with you?! please, go out and ride…

    nice article! would be nice to know the TT length of the frame and the riders height.

  2. @Bonk
    Fixed. Thanks. Now wheres my Xzibit meme?

    @Inigo Montoya
    My sincerest condolences on the death of your father. Glad you finally ran the 6 handed man through… Gary is running a 21″ frame but I couldn’t comfortably guesstimate his height.

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