MonkeyLectric has two new LED-strip bicycle wheel light systems.

For casual cyclists, the $75 M232 (above) is a longer version of the original. It bumps bulb count to 32 LEDs -16 per side- and comes programmed with 42 patterns. We’ve got one of these on test now and should have some thoughts up before too long. The short of it is it’s quite fun and draws a lot of smiles from folks on the sidewalks and inside shops.

For the business minded folks, there’s a new commercial version that blasts logos and more out of  256 LEDs total, half on each side. Unlike the preprogrammed consumer models, you can program your own logo in and even load 90 seconds of video on it. MSRP is $1,500 and includes software and hardware. Blink through the break for video of it in action…

I’m pretty sure this is what happens when you let iMovie stabilize the video when importing your footage of something in a non-matching frame rate. It gets better half way through.


  1. Made in the SF Bay Area! The basic monkeylectric are pretty awesome – the video of the wheel is not a good representation… I’ve seen this in person, and I think it’s an imovie problem as said above or the video camera is capturing it at a strange frame rate, like when you see video of a helicopter and the blades appear to be standing still. Definitely going to get that 75$ light, and I’d love the programable one but, it’s out of my price range… Plus I’d be a perv and put small clips of porn in it and ride around town doing my version of the thing from Fight Club where Tyler Durden splices porn into movies.

  2. I bought last year the model with 32 LED’s, the 2011 Model, i am using it for more than one year now, Much fun in the night, very high visability and complete without any problems, i crossed a river with it and normal mountainbiking and jumping – 100% waterproof, and shockproof,and lotsa people were asking me about it 🙂 Paid 55 €.

  3. I want a pair! I saw somebody commuting with these the other morning and he was VERY visible from the side. Something that headlights and taillights aren’t able to do. Having been t-boned by a car once, I think this is a sound investment. Dont really want another broken neck.

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