bikerumor monday mystery pic

Let us know what you think this is in the comment section. Answer will be posted there on Tuesday.

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  1. Just to through out another possibility, an old Amp front hub whose license was bought out by Rock Shox.

    Either that, or it is the old four bolt campy style headset.

  2. Its as repeated several times, the Coda 4-bolt disc hub, made easier to identify by the fact they came in that exact colour for one year for the cannondale full suspension bikes. Amp/Rockshox disc brakes all used 3-bolt rotors and hubs.

  3. While I agree with most that it’s a C-dale CODA hub, however there are a few little details that make me think it might be a an old DT Swiss/ Hugi hub.

    While the color is near correct to be a C-dale hub, I don’t remember this color for mountain…but I’ve slept since then.

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