Affinity Track FrameThe folks at Affinity Cycles are always excited to see images of their frames built up.  To celebrate this fact they are putting on a contest.

To enter you must:

1. Post your Affinity all built up on our Facebook Wall

2. Like Affinity Cycles on Facebook

3. Get your friends to “like” your picture

4. The most “likes” wins the Kissena frame set.

5. Contest ends next Monday (Oct 29th) at noon NYC time. Winner will be announced later that day.

Yes, you have to own an Affinity (or at least borrow and photo one?) to win one.


  1. What the heck will anybody do with this bike? I doubt anybody is a regular on a velodrome, and riding it on the street is beyond silly.

  2. I have heard of Kissena’s actually being raced at Kissena, but I have seen first-hand people riding them on the streets of new york. (and i can only presume, elsewhere). Silly people tend to do silly things…

  3. BRB gonna borrow Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s bike.

    Seriously, I don’t know anyone in person who has an Affinity. Pretty sure doing a random drawing serves the company better as yet another person will have one of their bikes.

  4. @animallover – I know it was 😉 but I also know him IRL and he used to own an aero leader track frame that was stripped aluminum. Inside jokes are the best.

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