This is an incredible documentary on bike theft in London, a city which sees a bike stolen every 70 seconds.  Thieves find a way to systematically break the cheapest and strongest locks and it has a devastating impact on the popularity of cycling for small trips.

We’ve all probably had a bike stolen or know someone who’s had a bike stolen. It’s a terribly gutting feeling. That’s why the best moments of this film is when the thieves are confronted and caught. If you have a spare 25 minutes this is a must watch (or listen).

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  1. Amazing that the British don’t come up with the only solution. Here in the Netherlands EVERYBODY uses two locks. Just a normal ringlock to attach it to roadfurnature AND a lock like these ones. You attach these locks inbetween the seattube and the back tube (like this

    With these two locks your bike has way less change to get stolen.

    See more at:

  2. When I confronted the kid who stole my bicycle, I was concerned that I had more to lose through the consequences of my actions. I was afraid that he would try to fight me, and steal my car that I chased him with. I got my bike back, but it was not a very satisfying feeling. He lived on my block and I’m pretty sure he knew that I lived alone, and he would come into my workplace to shoplift. So if he wanted revenge or to steal more, he could easily find an opportune time to do so.
    My father got his bike stolen later, and I told him not to bother looking for it to get it back. Instead, I gave him my recovered bicycle, an upgrade.

  3. I have zero tolerance for theft in general.

    We are the law-abiding majority,
    for every thief there are thousands of us.
    We have the money and the control,
    the government serves our needs.

    You steal, you die. Painfully.

  4. @ Boom –
    that’s an easy one to answer however it shouldn’t need to be an answer: buy a cheap lock and spend the rest on insurance.

  5. I’ve always wanted to booby trap a bait bicycle and then film the results.. High voltage, loose handle bars, loose cranks, unbolted front wheel, something like that. It’d be entertaining.

  6. in my neighborhood bike thieves are beat down all the time. there’s even videos on them on the net and the police look the other way. most of the time the thieves get their legs broken or one eye poked out.

    i hear in India they used to cut the hands off thieves. that might be next.

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