Niner Jet 9 RDO stealth reverb hack

Bikerumor reader Sergio sent in pics of his hacked Niner Jet 9 RDO made to work with Rockshox’s Stealth Reverb.

Note the remote hydraulic hose running along the downtube and looping just behind the rocker arm. This wasn’t just a drill a hole and hope for the best type hack, though. He says he measured frame wall thicknesses to find a structurally sound spot, drilled the hole, then inserted a small section of alloy pipe for the hose to go through. That was reinforced with epoxy inside the frame, then a secondary carbon fiber plate was bonded over top of that.

Close up pics after the break…

Niner Jet 9 RDO stealth reverb hack

Sergio told us he picked this spot because it was also easy to reach and reinforce.


  1. Hacked Niner frame, Crank Bros. wheels, and a Reverb; obviously this is a man that values reliability. Your seat bag looks stupid too… Get off my lawn.

  2. Why???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. Why spend all that money on a boss frame only to immediately void the warranty? Does the exposed cable create that much of an issue? IMO, Get a new frame or an old Reverb!

  4. I’d rather own a turner any day than that bike, it reminds me of those cheeseball, tacky, cheap looking carbon hoods that people put on their phoney rally race cars.

  5. Sorry for double-dipping on flaming this build, but I overlooked the shock boot earlier. Seriously, dude has a shock boot on this bike. A shock boot. Parking lot posing is not won by covering up the kashima coating you paid so dearly for.

  6. @quickie – you have support..just sayin. i’m beginning to think the dropper post is just to help sergio get on and off the bike and the routing is so he doesn’t snag anything on the way down.

  7. Hey Bike Rumor,

    I like your site. I check it several times daily.

    Can we leave ‘updates’ like this for the MTBR and IBC forums.

    We want the goods. not the ill fitting, kook builds.

    Thanks and Regards,

  8. okay, okay. Sergio should have known to bring that thing up to snuff before posting here. Its a tough crowd. Yeah the seat mount seems silly. Its a clean hack though. Looks functional. I’m no dropper user, but if i was i’d want it to be as discrete as possible.
    Flame on!

  9. Just to explain:
    – We don´t have Niners in my country; I bought mine from HH, and knew that will have no waranty here (if I have to use my warranty, will have to travell, so will be cheaper buy the entire set again- not a big deal for me).
    – I had a regular reverb, and couldn´t found a good hose way witouth compromise the hear suspension moviment, and pedals, and it really looks bad considering the Jet9 design. This is why I chose a better way to use the stealth.
    – Yes I could put it all inside the frame, but will have to make a small role in the downtube, and a tight loop in the hose, to finaly route it just like the existent cables. Too much job, and not so good to bleed the system.
    – I use Adamo saddle, it only supports your isquio bone, don´t have the front of the saddle, and frees your blood circulation, etc, etc… and yes I took 60 km to deal with that pain in the begining…
    – I use a enve wheelset in my trails, the CB are just for town. There is no enve wheelset here too, so I keep thosse only for trails.
    – I really use shok boots during my travells, not in the trail, it protects against sea salt and other issues during transportation.
    – I have no seatbag now, I agree that it does not look good, sorry about that!
    Thanks for those replaies! Good ride guys!

  10. That’s a dam fine saddle if you like taking care of your reproductive health.

    You should have bought a Turner instead of that overpriced cheesy looking thing!

  11. can’t speak for everyone here but if that’s really your ride and response, sergio. fair play! you’re a good sport to read my crap! i need the front of the saddle for control sometimes though so don’t feel ya on your general set-up at all. CBs just for town w/enve’s for dirt duties… enduro is a scrub compared to that kit then!

  12. Keep cool everyone! Of course some people will like it, some other will not! The important thing, is that the more people try to push, the more new techmologies will be created!
    I´m scuba diver too, and have to say that we have some issues when try to setup things 10 years ago, I myself design a lot of camera mounts, etc, etc…. but now they are current in most equipments.
    I like to think that somehow this kind of things will lead the manufactures to the new models. Check my video using gopros that we fixed all over the bike – most of that we designed 3 months ago:×8-para-cameras-x-pontos-de.html

    Regards you all!


  13. Sergio, your calm measured response to our collective ranting about your bike (with which you can do what you like) makes you a better man than many of us.

  14. f&*k i missed this “- I use a enve wheelset in my trails, the CB are just for town. There is no enve wheelset here too, so I keep thosse only for trails”

    i like the line “just for town” beware this guys blasting the bike paths on this baby. looks like he never rides it anyhow………f^&k spending this much on a bike to begin with. i like my beer as cold as my steel frames.

  15. Its his bike, he can do what he wants with it. Sounds like some people on here need to ride their bike more instead bitching and moaning about others.
    Kudos to Sergio for his calm demeanor as well.
    Ride on.

  16. WOW. Look at all the haters! I must confess, I’m a hater too, but it just goes to show you, whomever “edits” at, you’re doing a shitty job since virtually nobody in your target audience thinks this is worth posting. Par for the course lately.

  17. For those that wonder about if or how I ride/keep my bike; I´ve been riding bikes and scuba diving for long time and I´m not so young anymore. So in my humble experience, the better your gear, the safe you ride/dive or whatever you choose to do will be.
    I´ve been working hard to buy and keep my things the way I want, and I have no fear to use it all.
    That Niner already have 3000 km, 1 xtr cranckset/cassette changed, 2 broken chains, couple of enve broken spokes (this is why I bought the CB wheelset- only model available in my country), 1 deeep scrath in the toptube frame (fixed), 1 broken pivot inside trhe frame (check my blog for those pictures -took 5 hours to remove it without harm the frame), among others…
    Peolpe have to remind that we only get old when we loose the hability to adapt ourselves to new situations.
    Thanks for HH bikes and BikeRumor for your support, and feel free to remove that if it is so offensive for some people.
    Good ride for everyone!

  18. Hey BR, you guys should advertise this next time. I had no idea that the National Association for Computer Chair Engineers was in town here in the comments.

  19. “we only get old when we lose the ability to adapt ourselves to new situations” -sergio.
    true in a sense and definitely easier when you have the financial means to do so. no hatin’ on a baller, here! keep sending and spending cuz you can, sergio.

  20. Let’s see; Carbon bike, loaded w/ bling and laughs at the haters while he rides it to his next SCUBA spot. Your Are Kicking Ass Sergio!

  21. Since there’s no need to post something cruel and douchey (that’s well covered) I will make a pertinent technical observation since the question was asked by a poster: There is no internal void between the seat tube and downtube on this frame, so it’s impossible to route a stealth reverb that way. I drilled my Jet much closer to the BB and ran the hose along the brake mounts. In my opinion it’s much cleaner but I respect the thought and craft put into this method. Nice work Sergio!

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