Oh boy. We’ve just been waiting for the perfect opportunity to share one of Hayes’ promo T-shirts with you, and this is it. First, get your four-freakin’-plus-minutes fill of a kitty cat riding a bike cuteness above. Then set aside your sensibilities and catwalk past the break…

And no, we’re not calling anyone names. It’s a joke, people.


  1. I just watched almost half a cat video on the internet. … ugh. just shoot me now, cause the apocalypse can’t be far off.

    Dig the t-shirt.

  2. I need about 5 of those t-shirts right now. I’m gonna call 411 to see if they know where some are. In the interim, does anyone know where these shirts can be purchased? That t-shirt might be better than my Livewrong t-shirt.

  3. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to many… The cat fell off the bike and was seriously injured. It was taken to the vet. The vet bills were too much and the cat had to be put down.

    RIP Kitty 🙁

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