bikerumor monday mystery pic from ruckus components

Photo submitted by Nick, who saw these on a Cannondale over at Ruckus Components, “None of us know what they are and there is no branding on the brakes at all.” If you know anything about these brakes let us know in the ‘comments’ section.

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  1. Planet X CNC calipers. White labeled and sold under various brand names. One of the best performing brakes at 200 grams for the pair.

  2. Yeahaaa!!!_: most people regard them quite well for their functionality, albeit some find them quirky to set up and prone to go out of center.

  3. I am 100 0/0 sure that these brakes are from mr. Control equipped withSwissStop pads. I am a heavy rider and use these brakes since years. Stromg and powerful, and super light weight.

  4. Have the Planet X version…Love ’em…and they do go out of center. But they are light, stop reasonably well and come in colors- …cheap too.

  5. It should probably be noted that the ‘test’ (or and ‘ad’ rather,) above does not use the same pads for the brakes being tested and is highly based on subjective ‘feel’ of the tester. Le Tour magazine has done a similar but much more well controlled and scientific test few years back.

  6. I’ve been running the planet X version for over a year. Finicky to set up (you need to get housing length just right), occasionally challenging to center for the same reason, difficult to do quick wheel swaps with 25mm tires, but oh-so-light and plenty of stopping power with the Swiss Stop green pads..

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