Via Tae Likes Bikes:

Love it, hate it, whatever.

Whatever you think of the look or component choices, you’ve got to admire the vision.  What pieces of Euro-bling can you identify?


  1. I can see a German Answer Kilo Fork, Tune cranks and hubs, AX Lightness saddle, seatpost, stem, rims, and most likely handlebar, Sram XX cassette, Arcos AG-E shiters, Carbon-Ti chainrings, and I think those are Brake Force One brakes (The Tune version judging by the rest of the bike) and some Hope rotors. Also some Dugast tubular tires, a Tune bottle cage, more than likely modified Eggbeaters, and either a Tune or Arcos headset. I think I got most of it.

  2. Badass. I dig the uncommon color scheme. I would run a 1X10 set-up with a more durable wheel set. I’m curious about the fork’s performance.

  3. I wonder if there is going to be a lot of steering issues. What happens if one of the bolts get loose? Would the steering be accurate?

  4. It amazes me that there aren’t more linkage based front forks when you think about how much time is spent on rear suspension designs.

  5. I always wanted an AMP fork. Too bad they could never get the durability sorted, that design is the beans for people who pedal.

  6. Tune cranks, German A fork, not the the USA made POS that everybody thinks it is. AX liteness stem and seatpost and saddle. AGE hydraulic gear system. Tune bottle holder. Not sure about the rims though, but I think they are Parts of Passion. Carbon Ti big ring. Brake Force One brake me thinks.

  7. Surprising to see that fork design..
    The AMP forks were pretty amazing at the time for being super light, tracking quite well when the bushings were new and having zero stiction when other brands top forks were heavy and had mega-stiction. or in the case of the Mag21, adjustable stiction settings that started at “heaps of stiction” and went through “holy mother of all things stiction” to “is this f-n thing broken? stiction”

    But with reasonably light, active, telescoping forks available now (thank you negative air chambers!) I can’t see the point in dealing with the durability of the linkages (and brake dive characteristics).

  8. Why do people say old AMP forks were prone to flex? It’s a rigid fork mated to a set of links. I ran two AMP forks for years, and they were quite durable and had more torsional rigidity than my over priced Fox RLC that I’m running now.

  9. Only amazing thing about is the MONEY they spent.
    At least trim the steering tube.
    Every time i see one of these “designer” bikes at a race, the rider is always the slow guy.

  10. also, look at darren crisp bikes, he had a very similar set up at Padua show but with opposite results. The bike looked understated.

  11. Dumbest build i’ve ever seen. Why make a bike stupid expensive by choosing stupid light parts that are guaranteed to brake. I don’t get it.

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