Amid the ugly, ugly doping scandal and USADA statements and documents, Lance Armstrong’s sponsors are dropping like flies. Below are several of the statements. Armstrong, for his part, has stepped away from any duties with the Livestrong Foundation for the time being to “to spare the foundation any negative effected as a result of controversy surrounding my cycling career.”

Related, former team director Johan Bruyneel has stepped down from his position with the Leopard Trek team as well.

TREK BIKES: Trek is disappointed by the findings and conclusions in the USADA report regarding Lance Armstrong. Given the determinations of the report, Trek today is terminating our longterm relationship with Lance Armstrong. Trek will continue to support the Livestrong Foundation and its efforts to combat cancer.

NIKE: Due to the seemingly insurmountable evidence that Lance Armstrong participated in doping and misled Nike for more than a decade, it is with great sadness that we have terminated our contract with him. Nike does not condone the use of illegal performance enhancing drugs in any manner.

RadioShack simply said they had no current obligation to Armstrong, and Anheuser-Busch, brewer of Michelob Ultra, said they would not renew their relationship with him at the end of 2012. All parties have stated they’ll continue their support of Livestrong, including licensed apparel from Nike.


  1. It is amazing how many people are throwing themselves under the bus just to try and get Armstrong to crawl under the bus with them.

    At this point I’m fully expecting Greg Lemond to come out and reveal that he’s the one who got Lance started with doping.

  2. I never liked the cyborg to begin with, so all of this doesn’t phase me.

    I do wonder how much all of his sponsors profited from his doping though. Not that they are responsible, but damn they made a lot of profit from his behavior.

  3. THEY ALL doped… armstrong just never actually got caught in a test… heresay from confessed liars, who until they got caught, swore blind they rode clean also… isn’t actually proof of anything. If there really was evidence that would stand up in court then the US justice department would not have dropped their charges and case against Lance. They should just prescribed the “medicines” to all the racers and be done with it. Level the playing field. Give everyone equal access to all the technology available.

  4. I stand corrected. Should have checked multiple sources. Lance is still on the board although currently taking a leave of absence.

  5. “They should just prescribed the “medicines” to all the racers and be done with it. Level the playing field. Give everyone equal access to all the technology available.”

    The field will never be level. There will always be better drugs, better doctors, better bikes or better wheels. The only way to fix it is for the riders to say “f*$% you” to anyone who says doping is ok. Flip the Omerta, if youre dope youre a outcast and shunned. Did you read Phinney’s interview? He is calling out people for crushing pain pills and caffeine and getting exemptions for steroid cream. If you need drugs just to race, stay home and get better. We just need a few more guys like him and all the old dudes to quit and changes will be made.

  6. The field was “level”. They were all doing it and he still crushed them.

    Nike, notorious for sweatshops, worrying about morals is funny. Almost as funny as the driving force behind hill billy alchoholism worrying about it’s image.

    Will we go after all sponsors during this time for similar statements?

    Why just Lance?

  7. I will just be happy to:

    1. See this era come to an end.
    2. See this actually make a difference so we can say it was worth it.

    It sure is ugly but I am optimistic it will be a remedy at least to a meaningful extent.

    Goats on acid.
    Retroshift LLC
    Portland, OR

  8. Dale, the entire bike industry profited from Lance. The spotlight he gave cycling in the US is unquestionable. Without a doubt had he not been winning, cycling would not be as popular as it has become in the last 10+ years. Other things obviously contributed (growing economy, internet growth, etc). But I don’t think anyone can say it would be where it is without his success.

    (I’m not pro lance or anything, just stating what I believe)

  9. greg lemond is the best us made roadie, no question. as an all arounder badass cyclist..bmx, road, all-mtn disciplines who competed at all of them at pro level – John Tomac . .plus he can ride and coach moto! eli’s a beast! no question.

  10. I believe even without the drugs Lance would have still dominated. He was the smartest, best prepared, best trained and coached, and great teams working for him. I know who won seven!!!!!

  11. Gary V – funny you used the word “prepared” in there… and his “best team” just all admitted to doping. hahaha.

    Keifer – best call so far

    DeeEight – most of the guys who came forward to USADA never failed a test either.

  12. There’s certainly one bunch I would distrust far more than any professional bike rider…..and that is the bunch doing the so-called investigations. Connections is what this world is all about and when you fall out of the connections/untouchables category they go after you for one and only one reason and that is to protect themselves and their organization. Corruption in cycling is at the top and has always been at the top and will continue to be at the top.

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