PDW Portland Design Works Dios Thronous SaddleDespite the many awesome distractions of Portland Design Works HQ, such as a mini velodrome and full size basketball goal, PDW still manages to pump out fresh bicycle accessories and components.

Recently unveiled is Dios Thronous, the first saddle to be constructed of waterproof eva foam, the same material Chrome and other popular brands use to pad bag straps. On top of being waterproof, PDW claims the saddle is scuffproof, comfy, durable, and relatively light weight. It hits the scales at 295g with steel rails. Pricing is $40 in black, red, white, and green. Pictures after the break…

pdw dios thronous red saddle pdw dios thronous green saddle

We’ll be giving this saddle a spin, so stay tuned for hands-on durability testing and closeups.


dios thronous white saddle portland design works


  1. No saddle dimensions (length and width) provided by Portland Design Works. Saddle looks exceptionally narrow, but may just be the angle the picture was taken. The horn has what looks like a sharp ridge along its length that concerns me.

  2. Davew – There is a link in the text for the item. Second paragraph, third and fourth words. It provides specs by Portland Design Works (including length and width). Looks like a good candidate for a year round commuter saddle. Nice.



    p.s. – I have a fast growing urge to try chewing one of these. Black. Hopeful the specs just forgot to mention liquorice flavor.

  3. @diehipsterdie- PDW is still in business because they sell well made reasonably priced accessories. I’m guessing you haven’t actually used anything by them. Their rear lights give Planet Bike a run for their money.

  4. So what makes this different from the cheap skinned foam saddles from the 70s? Those looked and felt OK out of the box but wore out quickly. Just ask anybody restoring a Moto Guzzi LeMans

  5. The most important material link isn’t noted -and may address durability.
    EVA is the primary material used in the soles of sports shoes. Also, like PE foam, the density can be controlled during molding to get a strong durable skin and soft interior.
    A good idea, I’m interested in how they turn out.

  6. @b_drum…. i dont think we are speaking of the same company. everything and i do mean everything that i have bought from them and even carried in a shop has crapped out within a couple of weeks of use.

  7. i happen to think their Radbot is a great rear light and i also own their panda grips and shiny object inflator. i haven’t had any problems, and this small company is focused on giving back to their local and global cycling communities, so for me, I got plenty of love for Portland Design Works.

  8. Less than spectacular looking seat. However, as to why they are still in business, I have there axle wrench/tire lever and love it. And I’ve seen plenty of folks with their Radbot 1000 rocking hard. Sometimes good companies put out crappy stuff. ehh live and learn or try and die.

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