GoPro has just announced the release of it’s new and improved Hero3. The new camera is 30% lighter, 25% thinner, and 100% awesome. There are three different models of the Hero3 and each will be sold at different price points. All of the action cameras are said to be 2x sharper and perform 2x better in low light conditions. Behind the lens is a processor twice as fast and capable of shooting in 4k.  The new design also features an improved interface and locking mechanism for the case.

The new cameras use micro HDMI for video output, they charge and sync via mini-USB, and utilizes a micro SD card slot. The benefit from moving to micro everything is a 20mm reduction in width.

GoPro Her3 Black Edition pro housing and included WiFi remote

The entry level White Edition appears to be an upgraded version of the original Hero with integrated Wi-FI, while the second tier Silver Edition has similar specs to the Hero2.  Neither of those include the remote, though, which will run an extra $79. Do the math and it starts making more sense to just go for the the all new and super cool Hero 3 Black Edition. Not only does it include the remote, the video is taken to a whole new level. Up to 120 fps at 720? Awesome. Plus, it shoots 4k (roughly 4x the frame of a 1080p) at 15 fps. It can also shoot stills at faster burst modes and higher resolutions than previous iterations.

They’ve even improved the audio elements for clearer sound capture and improved wind noise reduction. I want it. I want it bad.

Place your pre-orders now. Camera will be available on October 22nd. More at GoPro.


  1. Great video/advertisment! You have to make it to nearly the end to see the bikini mermaids, but it was worth it. Nice screen capture above – obviously caught my attention.

  2. wonder what new adaptor they have for the footage showing the camera looking back at the athlete and spinning around their helmet.

    What about a black with no wifi remote as I already have that piece….

    Need to know FOV for the 720p, 120fps setting; they only have wide all all other gopro cams; would be nice if this was adjustable…

    Looks like the underwater housing is obsolete now…

  3. @colorado: GoPro’s Facebook will link to various user-made custom mounts…they encourage that creativity. They don’t link to 3rd-party for sale mount ideas. You can also find links to those “for-purchase” non-standard mounts on your local MTB message board.

  4. Mindless: Skyline is for everyone. Not only for m0r0ns who ride their bicycles side-by-side and then complains of cars and/or motorcycles passing them too close.

    Yep: I do ride my Ducati up there, too.

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