Tyler Hamilton lays out why he testified, Armstrong’s response and more in this video interview with Graham Bensinger. If video isn’t playing properly, watch on Yahoo Sports.

Full length (22 minutes and change), in depth interview posted after the break…


  1. I couldn’t get passed 6 minutes of it. Hamilton’s mannerisms were rough and Bemsinger seemed like an SNL skit. I’ll wait for Real Sports to do a follow up.

  2. LA may have been the capo dei capi yet his ex-mates sure enjoyed their time as his lieutenants — but to be fair to Hamilton I would say he is an ‘ex-doper’, ‘ex-liar’, and as far as the ‘rat’ charge — they’re all rats, every last one of them.

  3. This is great, every avenue is important right now to show people what vile person False Armstrong is. Tyler is an ex-liar, I wish I could say the same thing of the Big Tex.

  4. You’re right, Mindless…USADA is totally unfair…they didn’t even give him (Lance) a chance to defend himself.

    Oh wait…they did.

  5. It’s not that I think Lance didn’t dope but it’s hard to listen to anything that Tyler “my unborn twin did it, and this has nothing to do with my book” Hamilton has to say without a huge sense of doubt. I wish the media more spend time with the credible witnesses available. Oh and why couldn’t one be a Rat and a Lier?

  6. Damn, I can’t wait for the Tyler-Lance confrontation scene in the inevitable US Postal Team movie.

    *Lightning storm occurs as Lance grabs Tyler by the throat and pins him to a wall*
    Lance: “I will kill and eet ur children if you say another word.”
    Tyler: “I-I-I won’t…. please! swear to god.”
    Lance: “SWEAR TO ME!!”

  7. +1 MA

    Bemsinger made it look like a mockumentary with no punch line.

    But you should try again and skip to the last two minutes of the full interview, it’s the only worthwhile part.

  8. It would be better to comment on the content rather than the style or look of the interview.
    Threats, intimidation, being followed, all very nasty.
    Clueless haters…tut tut. Exceptionally lazy nonsense, make a point but don’t throw out empty insults.

    LA has done wonderful things in returning from a devastating illness and then channeling his energies through the foundation but… there is so much evidence showing that he was “capo dei capi” and drove a stake through the sport and activity I have loved since I first ditched my trainer wheels more than 40 years ago.

    I’ve just taught my eldest (5) to ride his shiny new 20″ and the younger guy (4) is loving his balance bike. Two weeks ago we went on our first proper ride together – I cannot tell you how good that felt.

    My hero growing up was Seán Kelly. I framed a great photo by Graham Watson of Kelly riding the Paris-Roubaux caked in mud on my wall I bought a book just so I could cut out that photo. I want my kids to have that passion about cycling and perhaps have a cycling hero worthy of their admiration.

    No matter how painful it is to see idols being unmasked it has to be understood that this is a necessary pain and the future of cycling depends upon it. Some will react stronger against this movement but it is undeniable.

  9. Mindless.
    Before you embarrass yourself further, read the Reasoned Decision document.


    Sworn testimony. Many reliable corroborating witnesses. Methods, means, Intimidation, Threats, Lies, etc.

    It’s not about the bike, its not about the drugs.
    It’s about being an asshole, stomping on anyone who gets in his way to advance his own wealth and profile, and using fraudulently won titles to champion a foundation that does a mediocre job of raising funds to promote cancer awareness, (spends $45 to raise $100) while doing a really great job of lining his pockets and paying his legal team.

    Recognizing that is not being a “hater” it’s simply recognizing that he’s a self serving megalomaniac.
    If those are qualities that you respect, then.. well. that’s that then.

  10. All this crap about dopers in cycling is really no BFHD. No sport is clean at the upper echelon, so should it be shocking that one of the cats at the peak doped? Nope. As said better elsewhere, he was the best of the cheaters. To even think that they would dump this much time and effort into it is pure silliness. Let us just put it to rest. He cheated the best outta all the cheaters, so in a way, it was a level playing field. We may want clean races, but so long as folks looking for that advantage that puts them or their team over the tipping point it ain’t gonna happen.

  11. When nearly all the upper echelon riders in the TdF have admitted to doping, what’s the difference?
    If everyone cheats, then in reality, no one is cheating, because they are all playing by the same broken rules.

    Get over the past, get over LA, and move on. If the USADA achieves it’s goal(?), then shouldn’t every rider be banned forever? I guess for the last 20 years, no one has won the TdF by the rules.

    BTW, no one respects a tattle-tale, ever. Whether TH is lying or ratting his teammate out, he’s only making his own life a punch line to a bad joke. BIKERUMOR – do us all a favor and leave this stuff to the supermarket rags. Let’s keep this site about positive info about biking.

  12. Just as mindless said USADA’s procedures are fundamentally unfair. Lance was not alone when he doped and all of us were riding his coat tails when he was at the top sales of bicycles sky rocketed and more money was raised for cancer then ever before lance was wrong but at least he was not a coward and go belly up on his fellow team mates like they did to him its a known fact he is not the only tour winner to dope and stripping him of his titles and the other punishments he has been dealt are more then enough lets move on and remember his good not the bad

  13. Ummm… did he say his computer was hacked? because he got ‘Livestrong”Ads? I didn’t know people could be that stupid/naive – of course you get those ads, google and all the other search engines base the ads one sees on the searches made by that specific IP address compiling data that the algorithms deem that a certain ad is relevant to the customer… Basically your online habits are refined to target advertisements to you. Sadly, it seems he spends so much time online with Lance related queries he (Hamilton) gets targeted by his hatred of Lance.

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