Rockshox recently brought together some of the best freeriders in the world -Howard (Trek) and Sorge (Giant), judge Graham Agassiz (Kona), and “Mulligan” stand-ins Justin Wyper (Blk Mrkt), Sam Dueck (Norco), and Adam Hauck (Blk Mrkt) – for a little game of B.I.K.E.

If you remember playing H.O.R.S.E. on the basketball court, it’s like that except on bikes and with ramps, huge drops and gap jumps.

The first two names on the list had to alternately call a trick and perform it. If they succeeded, the other had to match the trick. Fail, and you get a letter. First person to spell B.I.K.E. loses, earning ridicule. And, in this case, a henna chest tattoo. Enjoy.


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