2013 Wipperman Connex Black Edition hard anodized bike chain

Now, finally, that matte black stealth rig of yours doesn’t have to have some ugly silver chain messing up the ninja aesthetic.

Wipperman’s Connex Black Edition chain gets a special Ultra Black coating that gives it “extreme” corrosion and wear resistance. It’s essentially a hard anodization treatment. That, combined with special XHB-hardened pins, gives the chain long term wear and smooth shifting.

It comes with their Connex link tool-free connection plates, but you’ll still need a chain tool to size it for your bike. The 10-speed chain comes in at 275g with all 110 links, and the 9-speed tips in at 289g. Available now.


  1. Does it work? Last year their chains worked awesome. This year, they shift like poop. I’d like to see them fix their consistency issue, cause a chain that can go 3500 miles before needing to be replaced is a good thing.

  2. Johnny, 10spd and 11spd Shimano chains are different widths. 10spd Shimano road chains were asymmetrical while the new 11spd are symmetrical because people couldn’t figure out how to install asymmetrical chains.

  3. My first though after seeing the chain was looks like a walmart bike chain. Maybe I see too many walmart bikes at our shop but it look similar to the chain they run on the early 2000s roadmasters.

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