Tina Brubaker, Speedvagen bike, Speedvagen support vehicle

More specifically, an armored truck. It seems fitting they have some gold bikes to keep in the back. Last weekend, Jonathan Maus of BikePortland.org was out at the Cross Crusade season opener and snapped these pics. Now we know what to do if your crew already has all the street cred available: you paint-up an armored truck and go to the races!

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The Vanilla Workshop and Speedvagen showing off some artisanal welds on their bash guard. I was a little sad at first, not finding any lugs on there. However, we know lugs aren’t for Speedvagens.  For a few more images hit up bikeportland.org.



  1. So we take an environmentally friendly activity like cycling and offset it with this douche vehicle? Nice. I like the concept, it’s fun, agro and all that but it should have stayed a concept.


  2. @g
    Its a armored truck carrying gold bikes why does it matter, its bad ass.
    Besides cross racing was never meant to be environmentally friendly, it is meant to be fun and silly, just enjoy that it has actually caught on and become more fun to be a part of and watch.
    Commuting is environmentally friendly, racing is not.

  3. The sun rises and sets. There are haters on the Internets.

    As others have said, the cargo area in the truck carries multiple (3-4) cars worth of bikes/ tools. This last race
    Weekend, our team used one car and one
    Armored truck where we would have used 4 cars in the past. Couple that with 12mpg and we’re not lookin too terribly wasteful.

    And if folks want to point fingers, how many people drive solo to a race? How do those numbers pan out?

    Anyway this is all a little bit beside the point. This truck has been a pipe dream for us in The Vanilla Workshop for many years and to finally bring in to fruition has us all giddy. It is deeply satisfying when the kid in you, who gets excited about impossible projects like this can get together with the adult In you who has the skill and experience and make this kind of thing happen. Does it make sense? Is it rational? No. Are there more important things than being pragmatic? We at Vanilla think there are.


  4. I saw this pre-paint and it was a mess. Vanilla did a great job fixing it up & re-cycling an old vehicle (Arguably greener than buying a new vehicle).

    Next time you park your car with fancy bike on the roof and worry about it getting stolen while you eat lunch on the way back from a race think about this… The guys at Vanilla might be sitting at the table next to you happily eating away NOT worrying about anyone steeling their bikes!

    The Goats

  5. if sacha was really cool, he’d of gotten a unimog!


  6. OK, a little math to settle this. If this thing gets 12 mpg and carries 4 people, it will use about .73 gallons of fuel per person to get to a race 35 miles away. A compact getting 30 mpg and carrying one person will use 1.17 gallons. In a prius at 45 mpg, you’re talking .78 gallons. So unless you’re carpooling in a prius, stop pointing fingers. Sweet ride Sacha!

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