BKool, a Spanish brand of bicycle trainers and equipment, has been building up their software systems for four years, with the latest trainer package including some nifty features.

The system, which includes an online component, offers power output, personalised training sessions with automatic resistance changes run through your laptop, 100+ video routes, a smartphone app that records your outdoor routes and training data then lets you ride these routes on your indoor trainer, a full online training diary and analysis tool and the ability to compete against other riders online (live or recorded) on your home trainer.

The BKOOL BCycling trainer package also includes front wheel raiser block, ANT+ cadence sensor, QR Skewer and ANT+ USB dongle for £399.99. With that, you also get a two month Gold subscription to the BKOOL website (thereafter €10). This gives you access to the premium features like multiplayer and using the 100+ streaming video routes. There are also Silver and Free subscription levels that provide many of the features including the use of the trainer software, smartphone app, interval session designer and online training diary (up to 5 sessions), and you can downgrade to the free version at anytime…no annual commitments.

Screenshot below, and video of the system in use available at their UK distributor’s website.


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