Dash Cycles Gizelle lenticular carbon fiber disc aero bike wheel for TT and triathlon bicyclesDash Cycles, the Boulder, CO, based carbon parts manufacturer that recently finished putting their split saddle into production, has just introduced a new disc wheel for TT/triathlon bikes.

Called the Gizelle and dubbed a “lenticular” design thanks to it’s “force directional” carbon fiber layup that likely shimmers quite wonderfully when in motion.

It’s virtually all carbon, down to the 17mm diamater axle. Tire bed width is 19.6mm and complete wheel weight is just 890g. There’s a 85kg (187lb) rider weight limit and a 3-6 week lead time. Got $3,000 burning a hole in your onesie? Order it up now, and choose a front wheel built up with their hubs and ENVE Smart rims if you’ve got a bit extra spare change, too.

Spin past the break for larger pics…


  1. I think I would rather have the Lightweight Auobahn Disc that costs just as much but is 780g, has a 120kg rider limit, and looks much cleaner. Tip of the hat to Dash though for starting to break into the wheel market.

  2. Lenticular usually refers to the shape and it is pretty apparent on the top picture what that is, instead of being shaped like a solid frisbee it is a UFO. I believe it is supposed to be more aerodynamic as well as having some lateral stiffness benifits.

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