Woodman independently adjustable front derailleur mount chain catcher

Chain catchers are slowly but surely gaining in popularity, and Woodman’s new version provides independent adjustment via a small set screw that’s separate from the main mounting screw. Run the bigger bolt through the braze on and into the front derailleur and get your shifting set up, then dial in the chain catcher as close to your small chainring as you want.

Click through for more fresh goodies, including some beautiful metal fenders…

Curana metal bicycle fenders with painted silk screened and etched artwork

Curana makes all manner of guards for your bike -chain, dress, etc.- but their art covered metal fenders really stood out.


Click any image to enlarge. They also make rear bike racks and luggage

Cleatskins rubber road bike shoe cleat covers for easier walking and floor protection

Cleatskins are a rubbery cleat cover/protector that come in several versions and colors for Shimano, Look and Speedplay cleats. They actually make cleat covers for a wide variety of sports (soccer, naturally, and fishing?) and make it easier and safer to walk around in your road bike shoes while protecting your floors, too.

The Hero Kit, shown fully packaged on the left and the contents on the right, is a basic repair kit for your mountain bike plus a few accessories for you  (Tush Wipes!) should something unpleasant happen in the woods. Basics include zip ties, duct tape, patch kit, quick links for various chains, a shifter cable and mini tool. There’s also a guide to repairs to help you get rolling again.

New Catlike Mixino bicycle helmet

We leaked the Catlike Mixino helmet a while back thanks to some images from one of their foreign distributors and are happy to report it looks killer in real life.

While not as cool as the carbon/kevlar/ceramic disc brake rotor they had at Interbike, Alligators more traditional two-piece brake rotors were still eye-catching.

They also had some easy-on cable housing covers to protect your frame. Mix and match the twist-on ones or just snap the solid ones on to keep your housing from rubbing into the paint or carbon.


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